Inverness Angling Club Latest Report

Last updated: Tuesday 1st August

Catches continue on club water
Willie Broadley launched the week with a five pounder from the MacIntyre on Monday. On the Mill Stream, Colin Fraser had a fly-caught six pounder. Today (Tuesday) Neil Fraser met success on a different part of the Ness fishings. The Weir Pool has delivered a few fish for him this year but on this occasion he found success on the Mill Stream, bang on the time of high tide. These are probably the first fish to come off the Mill this summer - perhaps indicating that summer catches are well under way. Neil's fish, attracted by a black and orange minnow, was estimated at eight pounds and safely returned.

Harry Fraser experienced a pulse-racing battle at the top of the Little Isle Pool. Fishing an orange tube fly, he hooked a lively eight pound fish which took his line down to the backing five or six times before being safely landed. It was Harry's first fish of the season. Also delighted with his first fish of the season was Angus MacKinnon who landed a cock fish of just under eight pounds from the Little Isle, using a copper Toby.Rising catches indicate that there are plenty of fish in the system so it's well worth getting out for a cast.

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