When to Fish

Fishing on the west coast of Scotland starts in early February. The latest rivers close on 31st October.

The fishing on many of the West Coast rivers is generally best afer some rain when a spate will bring fish into the rivers in numbers. However on rivers such as the Lochy the fishing is good regardless of the height of the water as the river is not a spate river The fishing picks up as the season progresses with the months from May onwards providing the best of the sport.

Whilst some of the rivers can be fished with single-handed rods the sensible approach for all anglers is to take at least one rod 13' - 15' in length as the main rod to use and back this up with a smaller single handed rod.

The rivers, given the right conditions, can be extremly productive with several rivers now experiencing year-on-year increases in catches due in no small part to the active management of the rivers by the owners, which are under single ownership in many cases.

Even if the rivers are unfishable due to lack of, or even too much, water the local areas offer some of the very best wild brown trout fishing to be had in Scotland.

Some of the lochs are on the roadside while others require a high degree of fitness and commitment being several miles off road in the wilderness.

There are also some great lochs to fish for sea trout. Fishing on these waters is usually done from ghillie-operated boats dapping for the sea trout - an experience once tried never to be forgotten.