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Last week

(Last updated: Monday 25th June)

Water Height – 5in-1ft 9

Water Temp – 50-58F

This was more like the spring fishing we have come to expect from the Lochy over the last few years. A total of 13 fish landed and another 8 lost and all but one were double figure salmon with an average weight of 13.5lbs.

Conditions, for once, were good throughout the week. Although the river did fluctuate rather dramatically at times due to some Hydro maintenance – (which may continue into this coming week also) the much cooler temperatures and cloud cover allowed the anglers to fish during normal daytime hours with confidence and success.

Top rod for the week was Howard Evans. He landed 4 salmon (16, 15, 14, 12lbs). Christopher Zawadski and Glen Bishop had 3 between them (16, 15, 11lbs) …and Paul Welling had a couple (10, 12lbs). Simon Munro and Jenny Wellard also had fish each of 12lbs.

On the club beats there was action at both ends. Down on the Tailrace only 1 fish landed to Rory Campbell but it was a nice fresh 13lber – and a returnee from the hatchery smolt programme !

On Mucomir I heard of a couple being landed, both in high teens of lbs.

In the upper catchment there was action at the start of the week with Andy Burton, Steve Ingram and Billy Neil landing a fish each.

Beat catches
Last week was in the salmon close season so no catches to report

Covering the Camisky pools with Ben Nevis in the background.

A local club member with his clean spring salmon 1 JUNE 2018 from the Lochy

Season so far

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