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Fishery conditions

All visiting anglers must acquaint themselves with these rules
The Association controls all salmon and sea trout fishing on the whole of the Kyle of Sutherland, from the mouth of the river Cassley
to mid Fearn Point. This permit is not valid for any of the Kyle Rivers, or their mouths.

Fishing is by permit only. Permits must be carried at all times when fishing and shown on demand to any Association member or bailiff. Fishing Season The fishing season is from June 1st to September 30th inclusive.
Fishing on the Kyle is by rod and line only, using fly or spinning methods. The use of bait, including worm, prawn or any fish
based products is strictly prohibited with the exception that worm may be used below Bonar Bridge. The use of treble hooks is
prohibited, even when spinning.
Fly Fishing Areas
The fly fishing only areas must be strictly observed. They are marked on the accompanying map and/or by signposts at their upper
and lower limits.
Catch Returns
It is a strict condition that you submit an accurate catch return. Returns should be made to the outlet where you purchased your
permit, or to the Secretary. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in the refusal of future permits.
Catch Restrictions and Limits
You must ensure that you understand and follow the Associations' rules regarding catch and release and release.
 If you kill one salmon, you must immediately stop fishing for that day.
 All coloured fish must be returned.
 All fish over 65 cms (6.5 lb) must be returned.
 No more than 4 sea trout may be retained in any one day.
 All Finnock (under 1lb) must be returned.
 No fish to be killed before June 15th.
Etiquette and Behaviour
 You must behave with courtesy and consideration to all other anglers.
 You must not enter a pool less than 30 yards above another angler.
 You must move at least two paces downstream between each cast.
 You must leave the water upon landing a fish, and go to the back of the queue.
 You must take your turn to enter a pool.
The Country Code
Parts of the Kyle are accessed through farmland. Do not do damage Livestock, crops or fences. Keep to recognised access routes.
Keep dogs on a leash at all times and leave gates as you find them.
Rules Regulations and Bye-Laws
All anglers are bound by the Rules Regulations and Bye-Laws of the Association.
Safety Warning
The Kyle is tidal. Currents can be strong and the bottom slippery. Wade with great care. The use of a wading stick and buoyancy aid
are strongly recommended.

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KyleOfSutherland conditions

Kyle of Sutherland District Salmon Fishery Board
Conservation policy 2016
By law, in Scotland, it is now illegal to retain Salmon caught before 1st April.
All salmon must be returned before this date, including fatally damaged fish.
Aim to achieve:
 A 100% release rate, catchment wide, over the season.
 Definition; fish 65 cm (approximately 7 lbs) and over, measuring from the nose to
the fork of the tail.
Aim to achieve:
All fish released before 15th June.
A minimum of 80% release rate, catchment wide, over the season.
Sea Trout
Aim to achieve:
All fish released before the 15th of June.
All fish 50 cm (approximately 3 lbs) and over, measuring from the nose to the fork of
the tail released.
A minimum of 80% release rate, catchment wide, over the season.
Fly only by statutory instrument.
Treble hooks prohibited.
Barbless hooks should be used as best practise.