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Dornoch, Bonar Bridge, Tain


The area controlled by the Kyle of Sutherland Angling Association covers circa 14 miles of tidal water.

Fishing is on both banks. Both salmon and sea trout feature in catches.

Please NOTE this fishing is tidal and tides times need to be adheared.



Historically the traditional method of fishing the Kyle was from a boat, with seatrout the main target species. More recently, however, wading from the shore has taken over as the preferred means of fishing.
The width of the Kyle narrows in a number of key
areas, particularly just upstream of Bonar Bridge and
upstream of Carbisdale. These areas are particularly
favoured by salmon anglers due to increased flows
producing ideal conditions for fly fishing.
Unlike the local rivers that feed the Kyle (Oykel, Carron, Cassley, Shin and
Evelix) dry conditions are favoured by local fishermen
as they result in salmon delaying moving upstream
until there is significant rainfall. Due to the
proximity with the sea, salmon and sea trout caught
in the Kyle are noted for their condition. Salmon
anglers typically use rods of 12-15' in length coupled
with floating lines and a selection of sinking tip
sections. Shrimp flies such as the Oykel GP, Kylie
Shrimp and Cascade are very popular choices by regular

The area downstream of Bonar Bridge is particularly noted
for sea trout fishing. The Kyle is one of the few places in Scotland where good baskets of sea trout are taken in daylight hours. Regular sea trout fishers tend to use rods around the 10' mark coupled with floating lines and a range of sinking tip sections.
Traditional wet flies such as Teal, Blue and Silver will catch fish although small flies normally used for salmon such as Irish style shrimp flies, Stoat
Tail etc. are also favoured by many local anglers.

Most anglers fish the Kyle on the ebb tide which lasts
for about eight hours in the Bonar Bridge area. Fish can
be caught on the incoming tide although this is best
left to those experienced enough to fish safely in
rising waters.

Spinning is also permitted in some designated areas,
although fly fishing is the most popular method employed. Plenty of advice is available locally with regard to the tides and best places to fish.

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