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Catches during 2017

Here is a selection of photos you have sent in. To have your own added, please email your photo/photos to and, in your email, please give some information (name of captor, date, weight of fish, method used, retained/returned, name of fly, name of loch/river) regarding your catch (max 200 characters).

An 8lb sea-liced salmon from Grimersta's First Stream. The fish was hooked on a Munro Cascade by J. Maciver on April 28th

A fresh-run 10lb salmon from the Bridge Pool on the Grimersta River. Philip Blair hooked the salmon on a Black & Silver Squid fly during April 26th

Catches during 2017

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J. Maciver releasing a 9lb-8oz salmon to the Bridge Pool at Grimersta. The fish was hooked on an Executioner variant during April 19th

Angus Macdonald with a well-conditioned brown trout from Loch Eirearaigh on opening day of the season. One of five he landed that day (four on worm & one on fly)

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