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Last week

(Last updated: Tuesday 24th October)

The majority of salmon/sea trout Fisheries closed on October 15th, however, the ones that remain open till Oct 31st are still catching fish, although the vast majority are all coloured.

The Creed River which has extended it's fishing till Oct 31st, with day tickets available at Sportsworld, Stornoway, recorded three grilse last week: Ivar Macary returned a 3lb hen grilse to the Peat Stack Pool on the 17th which he hooked on a red winged tube fly; Robbie Bell released a 3lb cock grilse to the Long Pool on the 20th that he hooked on a Red Francis and the following day he released a 5lb cock grilse to Loch an Ois which was hooked on an Orange Tigertail.

The following are some late returns which are worth a mention:

Loch na Moracha at the Obbe Fishery in South Harris produced a 7lb salmon and sea trout of 3lb & 2lb during October 7th and on the 14th a 6lb salmon and two fresh run finnock were also landed, all of which were returned.

Anglers fishing the South Uist Estate lochs had some reasonable sport, however, as mentioned previously, their sea trout numbers are well down on previous years. Nevertheless, some specimen sea trout were landed along with several grilse: Billy Felton, Michael Heery and Neil Gilchrist had an enjoyable September trip landing a 4lb sea trout from Loch Fada on the 13th and on the 15th, fishing Loch Roag, they landed sea trout of 4lb, 3lb and three at 2lb, mainly on the Silver Daddy; Ken Wilson had a 3lb sea trout from Castle Loch on Sept 18th and one of 2lb-8oz on October 11th; Mr. A. Towns landed 11 sea trout for 25lb during five days fishing in late September/early October on Lochs Fada, Roag and School House which included fish of 3lb-12oz, 2lb-12oz, 2lb-8oz, several 2lb fish and also a small grilse; Ian Kennedy landed a 3lb-4oz sea trout and a 4lb grilse whilst fishing Loch Roag on October 9th; Shane Creamer had three salmon to 6lb and a 3lb-8oz sea trout from Castle Loch on October 10th; Mr. R. Balantyne landed a coloured 7lb sea trout on Loch Fada during September 30th and the South Uist Angling Club outing to Loch Roag on October 7th produced a 4lb sea trout.

Beat catches reported
(week ending 17th March)
SALMON & GRILSE: None reported
SEA TROUT: None reported
TROUT: None reported

A 7lb cock salmon & a 3lb hen grilse from Amhuinnsuidhe during October 13th. Both hooked on a Calvins Shrimp double and both released

Hooked during October 12th. This grilse gave a strong fight, eventually throwing the fly

A couple of Loch Langabhat salmon (10lb & 4lb) for Robbie Bell. Both fish, which were released, were hooked on a copper ABU Toby lure during October 12th

A brace of 3lb grilse (released). One from the Sea Trout Pool and the other from Jumbos Point (Garynahine River). Both fish were hooked on a Yellow Gledswood Shrimp during October 12th

A 4lb cock grilse about to be released to Alports Pool on the Garynahine River. Ths grilse was hooked on a Calvins Shrimp Conehead during October 11th

Releasing a hen grilse at Amhuinnsuidhe. The fish was hooked on a size 10 Camasunary Killer during October 9th

A nice brace (6lb & 5lb) for Philip Blair. Philip released both salmon that he hooked on a small Silver Stoat in the Creed River during the morning of October 5th

Philip Blair released this 9lb hen fish that he hooked on an Orange Flamethrower in Grimersta's Kelt Pool during Oct 4th

Sarah Ronholt released this 5lb cock grilse that she hooked on a Collie Dog at Macleays Stream (Grimersta) during October 3rd

Robbie Bell released this coloured cock grilse that he hooked on a Calvins Shrimp Cone-head in the Creed River during October 2nd

This 7lb cock salmon took a Temple Dog. Iain Mackenzie hooked and released the fish whilst boat fishing on Loch Barvas during September 26th

A brace of grilse (3lb & 5lb) being released. Both were hooked on a Calvins Cone-head in the Long Pool on Morsgail's upper river during September 23rd

Mrs Jane Trahair battling with a 3lb-4oz grilse that she hooked on a Black & Silver Muddler in the Long Pool on Morsgail's upper river during Sept 22nd

Three salmon from Loch Langabhat on September 6th for Norman Graham, ably ghillied by Robbie Bell. All three were released and were caught on a copper ABU Toby lure

Season so far

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Releasing a 10lb hen salmon to the Garynahine Bridge Pool. The fish was hooked on a Tummel Monkey on Saturday, October 14th

Matt Cook battling with a 4lb-8oz grilse. Matt hooked the grilse on a Collie Dog at Grimersta's Ford Stream during October 14th

Releasing a 2lb-8oz grilse to Majors Pool (Garynahine River) on October 14th

Innes Maciver released this coloured 3lb grilse that he hooked on a Tummel Monkey in Majors Pool on the Garynahine River during October 14th

Releasing a 3lb-8oz grilse to Garynahine's Shipton Pool on October 14th

Tobias Park released this 10lb+ hen salmon that he hooked on a Collie Dog in Benjies Pool (Grimersta River) during October 13th

Two out of a catch of four salmon (best 8lb) from the River Creed, all of which were returned. Robbie Bell hooked all four fish on a Park Shrimp Conehead fished on an 8' sink tip during October 13th

A 5lb grilse from Benjies Pool on the Grimersta River. Matt Cook hooked the fish on a Collie Dog during October 13th

Alasdair Murray landed and released his first salmon (6lb) of the season on October 12th. Alasdair hooked the fish in the Big Pool (Gress River) on a Shrimp styled fly

The tail of Garynahine's Long Pool produced this 3lb hen grilse during October 11th. The fish was hooked on a Calvins Shrimp Conehead and released.

Norman Graham & Robbie Bell with two of the eight salmon that they released during their October 9th visit to Loch Langabhat. All caught on copper ABU Toby lures

Realeasing a brace of fish (2lb-8oz and 6lb) at Garynahine both hooked on a Calvins Shrimp Cone-head during October 4th

The heaviest salmon so far from Garynahine. The 31" fish,Estimated at 10lb+ was hooked on a Calvins Shrimp double from the Landslip Pool on Oct 3rd

Jason Laing (Ghillie), about to release J. Maciver's 4lb grilse to the Grimersta River's Bridge Pool. The grilse was hooked on a Collie Dog on October 2nd

A 4lb grilse (released) from Loch Barvas for Robbie Bell. Robbie hooked The fish on a Kate Maclaren Muddler during September 26th

Iain Mackenzie released this 9lb cock salmon whilst fishing Loch Barvas on Sept 26th. The salmon was hooked on a Temple Dog

Jane Trahair with her first and second Hebridean grilse. Jane hooked both grilse in Morsgail's upper river during September 22nd

Not the largest sea trout to be caught at Morsgail, however, a very welcome sea-liced fish caught by Alex Thavenot from the Rock Pool, Morsgail River, during a week of light winds & bright sunshine

A bonnie Loch Langabhat brown trout caught by Norman Graham from the Stornoway Angling Association boat during September 6th

This 3lb grilse was hooked on a size 10 Camasunary Killer in Loch Cragach on Sept 5th and was released

A 1lb-12oz sea trout (released) from Loch Morsgail. Alec Coutts hooked the fish on a Goats Toe during September 1st