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(Last updated: Friday 11th May)

The first Spring salmon of the 2018 Outer Hebrides season was recorded on Friday, May 4th. Paul Hopper, fishing a size 6 Tosh hooked and released a 9lb sea-liced fish in the Kelt Pool on the Grimersta River. Paul also hooked a second salmon in Majors Pool, unfortunately this one threw the fly. Five days later a second springer was landed, this time at Grimersta's First Stream; Donnie Whiteford fishing a Park Shrimp Cone-head on the evening of Wed, May 9th, landed and released a sea-liced 7lb fish.

Brown trout catches have been fairly slow, possibly due to the very "cool" Spring weather the Hebrides are encountering. However, some anglers have landed fish with one angler landing three brown trout, all around the 1lb mark from Loch Orisay, whilst fishing a Goats Toe on an intermediate line. A visiting angler also landed a 1lb-12oz brown trout from Loch Orisay that he hooked on a Mepps lure.

Beat catches reported
(week ending 16th June)
SALMON & GRILSE: Garynahine 3, Grimersta 6.
Total: 9 Largest: Garynahine 6lbs
SEA TROUT: Garynahine 3, Grimersta 4.
Total: 7 Largest: Grimersta 2lbs
TROUT: Garynahine 1, Grimersta 12, Langabhat - Uig and Hamanavay 22. Total: 35.

Donnie Whiteford landed this 7lb salmon whilst fishing a Park Shrimp Conehead at Grimersta's First Stream on the evening of May 9th

A bonnie 9lb Spring salmon from the Grimersta River. Paul Hopper hooked the salmon on a size 6 Tosh in the Kelt Pool during May 4th

One of three 1lb brown trout caught in Loch Orisay. All three trout were hooked on a Goats Toe, fished on an intermediate line on May 5th

Geoff Lockett battling with a Loch Eaval (North Uist) brown trout. Geoff landed 17 trout, all of which were on or around the 12oz mark during April 28th

Donnie Whiteford with a nice Loch Langavat brown trout caught during the Obbe competition in April

Robbie Bell with a solid brown trout from Loch Langavat (Obbe Fishery)

A bonnie Loch Langavat (Obbe Fishery) trout

Season so far

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