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Last week

(Last updated: Monday 14th August)

The Alan Brown party, guests at Morsgail Lodge, had a very enjoyable and successful visit recording 16 salmon to 8lb, 13 sea trout to 2lb and 31 finnock from the Morsgail Estate waters. They also had 2 salmon (best 8lb) and 14 sea trout (best 1lb-8oz) from a neighbouring Estate. Not surprisingly that with the rise in water levels and the fresh winds encountered on Friday, Aug 11th, 10 salmon were landed that day. The new party that arrived on Saturday afternoon also had a 4lb grilse from the river.

Gress River produced a 6lb salmon and two 2lb-8oz sea trout for I. Roxburgh on Thursday, Aug 10th, a 2lb sea trout for A. Murray on the 11th and a 2lb sea trout and 1lb-8oz brown trout for R. Jacques on the 12th.

Malcolm Smith had a 5lb fresh-run salmon from Loch Chlachain (Creed Fishery) on Tuesday, Aug 8th on worm and a visiting angler landed a 6lb salmon from the Falls Pool on the River Creed during Aug 11th.

The Stornoway Angling Association boat on Loch Langabhat was out on Thursday, Aug 10th and N. Graham, ably ghillied by R. Bell, landed a 4lb grilse on a copper Toby lure. They also recorded 16 brown trout that day.

Once again poor fishing conditions meant that Garynahine was virtually unfished for the first few days of the week but things improved by Thursday and catches were good in a fresh south-westerly wind. The orange muddler proved deadly taking 4 fish - 3 for Gordon Mackenzie from the Boat Pool and Long Pool and one for Brian Davis from Big Round. Dickon Green had the other fish from Majors on a silver stoat variant.
Conditions were good again on Friday and 7 grilse were recorded from the river. Two sea-liced fish were caught from Tagging Pool and the Sea Pool, one from the Boat Pool and four from the Long Pool. Muddlers, Calvins shrimp and Mairi's shrimp were the successful patterns.
With lighter winds for most of Saturday the lochs were a better bet and 3 fish were landed, two from Loch Beag and one from Loch Macleod.

Grimersta rods recorded 28 salmon/grilse during last week, 25 of which were returned. The heaviest was a 7lb-8oz cock fish hooked on a Blue Elver at the First Stream by D. Slight on Aug 11th. V. Webb landed three grilse (2 returned) to 5lb on Aug 7th from the Kelt Pool, First Loch and the Battery Pool and A. Edwards released two 4lb grilse from the First Loch and Island Pool the same day, one on a Blue Elver and the other on a Red Francis. A. Edwards went on to release a further three grilse on Aug 9th, two from the First Loch and one from the Ford Stream which were hooked on Green Butt, Blue Elver and Cascade. A. Drake released a 4lb grilse on the 10th which he hooked on a Silver Stoat in Loch Four and the following day he released a similar sized fish on the same fly in the First Loch. B. Lovering released four grilse during three days fishing (two from the river and one each from Lochs Three and One) which were hooked on a Blue Elver, Muddler (2) and Collie Dog and T. Park released a 4lb-8oz grilse on the 10th that he hooked on a Collie Dog in Benjies Pool, one of 4lb on a Collie Dog from the Kelt Pool on the 11th and a 4lb grilse from the First Loch on the 12th which was hooked on a Muddler.

Beat catches reported
(week ending 12th August)
SALMON & GRILSE: Barvas Estate 5, Creed (Stornoway AA) 2, Fhorsa 3, Garynahine 15, Gress 1, Grimersta 28, Morsgail 17, Langabhat - Morsgail 2, Langabhat - Uig and Hamanavay 1.
Total: 74 Largest: Grimersta & Morsgail 8lbs
SEA TROUT: Creed (Stornoway AA) 3, Garynahine 3, Gress 4, Grimersta 7, Morsgail 13, Obbe 2.
Total: 32 Largest: Gress 3lbs
TROUT: Garynahine 1, Gress 1, Grimersta 23, Langabhat - Uig and Hamanavay 36. Total: 61.

This 3lb sea-liced grilse from Garynahine's Sea Pool was hooked on a size 8 Orange Muddler during August 11th

Bruce Mackenzie hooked this bonnie 2lb-3oz brown trout on worm during the Stornoway Angling Association's "Aline Trophy" competition on Loch Langabhat on July 29

Ben Macaulay with his first and second ever salmon! Ben hooked both grilse on a Ross Macdonald Calvins Shrimp during a visit to the Garynahine Long Pool on July 29 and comendably returned both fish

A nice brace (4lb-8oz & 8lb) from Loch Barvas for Willie Mackenzie. The salmon, which were released, were hooked on a Muddler and Tigertail during July 26

An 11lb Loch Barvas salmon. Brian Davis hooked the salmon (which was released) on a Blue Muddler during July 26th

A first ever salmon for Miss C. Falconer. The 4lb grilse was hooked on a size 12 Silver Stoat at the Bruton Stream on the Fhorsa Fishery during July 22

Rosie Sullivan (aged 15) released this 4lb grilse that she hooked on July 1st during the Amhuinnsuidhe Castle Estate junior open day

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Season so far

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Releasing a sea-liced 6lb grilse to the Tagging Pool on the Garynahine River. The fish was hooked on a size 8 Orange Muddler during August 11th

Visiting angler Ryan Hutchinson about to release a 5lb-8oz grilse. Ryan hooked the grilse on a Pearly Muddler in the Garynahine Long Pool on August 11th

Murdo Macaulay releasing a 5lb grilse to the Long Pool (Garynahine) on August 11th. The grilse was hooked on a Calvins Shrimp

Releasing a 5lb hen grilse to the Garynahine Boat Pool. The fish was hooked on Ross Macdonald's Mairi's Shrimp during August 11th

A 3lb-8oz cock grilse being released. The grilse was hooked on Ross Macdonald's Mairi's Shrimp during August 11th

Finlay Thomson hooked this 4lb grilse on a Capelin from the Bruton Stream (Fhorsa Fishery) on August 10th

Murdo Macaulay released this 5lb grilse during July 31st. The fish was hooked on a Calvins Conehead in the Junction Pool, River Creed

A 7lb hen salmon being released. The salmon was hooked on a Stoats Tail from Grimersta's Loch One on July 29th

A fresh-run grilse for Robbie Bell. Robbie hooked the grilse on a Park Shrimp (variant) tube, whilst fishing Loch Barvas during July 28

Innes Campbell released four salmon (4lb, 4lb, 5lb & 7lb-8oz) during a visit to Loch Barvas on July 26. Three were hooked on a Muddler and the other on a Park Shrimp

Rosie Sullivan (aged 15) with a 2lb-8oz brown trout that she caught during the Amhuinnsuidhe Castle Estate junior open day on July 1st