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(Last updated: Wednesday 5th December)

Beat catches
Last week was in the salmon close season so no catches to report

Donnie Whiteford landed this 7lb salmon whilst fishing a Park Shrimp Conehead at Grimersta's First Stream on the evening of May 9th

A bonnie 9lb Spring salmon from the Grimersta River. Paul Hopper hooked the salmon on a size 6 Tosh in the Kelt Pool during May 4th

One of three 1lb brown trout caught in Loch Orisay. All three trout were hooked on a Goats Toe, fished on an intermediate line on May 5th

Geoff Lockett battling with a Loch Eaval (North Uist) brown trout. Geoff landed 17 trout, all of which were on or around the 12oz mark during April 28th

Donnie Whiteford with a nice Loch Langavat brown trout caught during the Obbe competition in April

Robbie Bell with a solid brown trout from Loch Langavat (Obbe Fishery)

A bonnie Loch Langavat (Obbe Fishery) trout

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