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Last week

(Last updated: Monday 19th June)

Garynahine had a good week with eight salmon/grilse landed, three lost and numerous other follows, boils and plucks at the fly. Murdo Macaulay had the first fish on Monday from the Long Pool, a sea-liced 5lber on a small Gold Bodied Willie Gunn double. Ivar Macary landed a solid 8lb salmon on Tuesday fishing a Stoats Tail on the dropper, again from the Long Pool. On Wednesday, Gordon Mackenzie had a good day with three fish (2lb-8oz, 4lb-8oz & 7lb) to his own rod. The fish came from Little Round, Boat Pool and Long Pool and were caught on Silver Stoats and an Orange Muddler. Donnie Whiteford had a 3lb-8oz grilse from Shipton on Thursday on a Magenta Shrimp and on Friday Murdo Macaulay and Ivar Macary had one each from Big Round and Sniggle Hole. The fish weighed 7lb and 3lb and were caught on a Park Shrimp and Stoats Tail.

Grimersta guest, Graham Mackie, had a 4lb fresh-run grilse from the Bridge Pool during Friday 16th which was hooked on a Gledswood Stoat.

Paul Jowett and his son Steven, had a blustery wet week in South Uist but still managed to land 27 trout for 23lb, thanks mainly to the efforts of ghillie, Atta Macdonald. The best trout was caught on Monday, June 12th by Steven on Loch Grogarry; a beautifully marked fish weighing 4lb-8oz which was hooked on a size 12 Kate Maclaren and safely released. Loch Bornish provided some good sport with Paul landing the best fish, a 2lb-8oz specimen which he hooked on a Fiery Brown Sedgehog, this fish was also released.

Stewart Carruth landed and released a lovely 4lb-1oz brown trout whilst fishing Loch West Ollay (South Uist) on June 9th. The fish was hooked on a Claret Hopper, tied by his son Jamie and the ghillie was Colin Mackenzie.

Beat catches reported
(week ending 24th June)
SALMON & GRILSE: Barvas Estate 11, Creed (Stornoway AA) 1, Fhorsa 2, Garynahine 7, Grimersta 19, Langabhat - Uig and Hamanavay 1.
Total: 41 Largest: Barvas Estate & Garynahine & Grimersta 6lbs
SEA TROUT: Garynahine 1.
Total: 1 Largest: Garynahine 2lbs
TROUT: Fhorsa 3, Garynahine 3, Grimersta 33, Obbe 123, Langabhat - Uig and Hamanavay 57. Total: 219.

Angus Macdonald with a well-conditioned brown trout from Loch Eirearaigh on opening day of the season. One of five he landed that day (four on worm & one on fly)

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Season so far

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An 8lb sea-liced salmon from Grimersta's First Stream. The fish was hooked on a Munro Cascade by J. Maciver on April 28th

A fresh-run 10lb salmon from the Bridge Pool on the Grimersta River. Philip Blair hooked the salmon on a Black & Silver Squid fly during April 26th

J. Maciver releasing a 9lb-8oz salmon to the Bridge Pool at Grimersta. The fish was hooked on an Executioner variant during April 19th