Where to fish the
Kirkcudbrightshire Dee

Salmon and sea trout

For salmon and sea trout fishing, it is mainly the lower river below Glenlochar that is most productive. There have been a few reports of salmon having been caught in Loch Ken by anglers fishing for pike but this is not thought to be a usual scenario!


The lower river below Glenlochar and middle river are also good for wild brown trout. Further up the catchment, from the head of Loch Ken to Earlstoun Dam produces good numbers of trout. Two tributaries of the Dee, the Water of Deugh and Blackwater of Dee, have both been recently productive in terms of wild brown trout. The Deugh produced several trout over 6lb in 2005 whilst individuals of up to 3lb have been taken in 2006 on the Black Water.

Perch from Loch Ken


For coarse fishing in the system, different places are good dependent upon your quarry species and the time of day and season that you are fishing. Most of the coarse fishing is best from May onwards. On the main river, the slower stretches of lower river around Threave, near Lamb Island are good for pike. If you are spinning, it can be productive to 'rove' when looking for pike, carrying your tackle with you rather than staying in one spot.

Right through Ken-Dee marshes is very good for a variety of coarse fish. In Loch Ken proper (from the Viaduct up) there are numerous good spots. In the wintertime, the deeper water near the Viaduct or at the top of the loch can be good for pike, especially if fishing with dead baits (mackerel and herring do well). On the east of the loch, the Galloway Sailing Centre has some deep marks which are good hideouts for pike.

Sunset over Loch Ken

In the summer months, the area upstream of Glenlaggan is very good piking with some deepish areas close to the banking. The key with bank fishing for pike on Ken is to fish over the ledge into the deeper water, as otherwise perch and ruffe will become a problem. Popping up dead baits in weedy swims can be very effective. Glenlaggan is also good for roach, as is the West bank of the loch on the New Galloway Angling Association water. There is a number of competitions each year and the canny angler will fish swims a day or so after the competition to make use of any pre-existing groundbait. Check with your ticket outlet for details of recent competitions as this knowledge can be key in planning your fishing. At the head of the loch, perch fishing is at its best. Whilst accessing from the bank is possible, it is not easy and boat fishing is by far preferable. Bream have become very dominant in the loch lately, and skimmers now dominate many of the matches fish on the loch.

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