Where to fish
the Cree and Water of Minnoch

The river can be thought of as three sections in terms of salmon and grilse angling. The lower river takes in the tidal sections and Palnure Burn to the Ghyll Pool. The middle river extends from the Suspension Bridge to the Junction Pool where the river splits into the Water of Minnoch and High Cree. The Water of Minnoch alone is generally considered to be the upper river in terms of salmon angling, with the High Cree tending to be more popular for brown trout.

Salmon and grilse generally have free reign of the Cree system after July. As with all spate systems, a good fall of rain will be required to get fish truly moving throughout the system. There are, however, also a number of good holding pools in the Cree and low water does not necessarily mean that angling activity will cease! During dry spells, fishing tends to be concentrated on the lower river and especially the tidal pools. Spring tides can provide means for fish to move from the tidal sections into the water through Newton Stewart, which can make for productive angling in this area. In higher water conditions, fish will be found throughout the system.

Cree Bridge

Cree Bridge in Newton Stewart

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