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The Bladnoch and Tarff Waters

The River Bladnoch can be thought of as three sections in terms of salmon angling. The lower river encompasses the beats between Kirwaugh (see Beat Descriptions) and Torhousekie, the middle river takes in Mochrum Park (see Beat Descriptions) to the Junction (including Clugston Estate fishing, see Beat Descriptions) and the upper river includes fishing around Barhoise Dam and the Tarf Water.

In low water conditions, fishing tends to be focused on the lower beats particularly when fish are hovering on the head of the tide, which extends to Kirwaugh. Due to the River Bladnoch's gentle gradient, there are good holding pools distributed throughout and the days following a spate can reveal salmon and grilse throughout the system.

Beats are well managed, with maintained banksides and there is generally little need to wade. Middle river beats fish well throughout the year, with springers, summer salmon and grilse regularly taken. As the year progresses, upper beats tend to become more consistently productive although even these beats can hold spring salmon from April onwards.

Mochrum Park at the 40 footer

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