When and where
to fish the Luce

Length of season

The salmon fishing season on the Luce begins on 25th February and ends on 31st October. For trout, the season begins on 15th March and ends on 6th October.

Spring fishing

The Luce does not really have a spring run, with only a few fish entering early in the year.

Summer fishing

The Luce holds both salmon, sea trout and trout. The sea trout population is healthy with fish entering the river towards the end of May/ beginning of June. However, the main sea trout run occurs in July, with fish usually ranging from 1lb to 8lb. The largest sea trout to have been caught from the Luce was a massive 18lb 4oz in 1998! For salmon, the main run enters the river later than the rest of the Galloway rivers. Grilse can be expected from July onwards given suitable water conditions although they are more plentiful from the end of August onwards.

Autumn fishing

This is the most productive time for the entire river. Large numbers of salmon and grilse enter the river and fresh fish are caught even in the last week of the season.

River Luce

Fly fishing the Stair Estates water at the junction where the Cross Water and Main Water of Luce meet at New Luce

Where to fish

Almost the entire river is used exclusively by syndicate groups who let the fishing from Stair Estates and hence some parts of the system are not generally available to visiting anglers. However, there are three beats on the lower river that are available to rent from Stair Estates (see Beat Descriptions or Prices/Availability). This water is easily accessible and is excellent fly water. Day tickets are also available on the Cross Water from Stranraer and District Salmon Angling Association.

Piltanton Burn

Access to fishing on the Piltanton Burn is through the Dunragit Angling Club (DAC). The club mainly fish off the tide in the lower part of the burn. The DAC is happy to provide local knowledge to visiting anglers.

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