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Extent of fishery - roughly 1 km (0.6 miles) of left bank fishing. During low and medium river flows, this beat offers excellent angling for perch, roach and pike. Double figure pike are common including many over 20lb. This fishery should easily hold 30lb pike but none have been caught yet! All pike over 5lb must be returned alive but smaller pike should be killed (this is best practice to help protect young migrating salmon).

Parking for this beat is just off the sharp bend by Torhousekie Croft. From here there is a 5-10 minute walk through fields to get to the river (take care to close gates).

Prices are very reasonable at £10 per day per person to fish for coarse fish (not salmon). If fishing on a Sunday then only dead baiting for pike is permitted.

Please book online but contact Jamie (see contact details below) to discuss access and hear recent catch information.


The lower beat of the Torhousekie Fishery is more suited to coarse angling . It starts at the Crouse Pool and meanders for about 1 km downstream (see map of fishery). This part of the river widens out and the water is deep with areas of lily pads and bankside reeds. This part of the river abounds in wildlife which can make the fishing day even more enjoyable!

The Bladnoch is a spate river and thus coarse angling is not particularly suitable after heavy rain as faster water flows make it difficult to fish. Low and medium flows suit this part of the river if fishing for coarse fish species. The river is open all year round for pike, perch and roach.

Good bags of perch and roach are caught. These should not be returned. It is a very productive fishery for large pike (in 2012 the largest 3 pike were 31lb, 26lb and 24lb). These pike can provide excellent sport on the fly in the summer during low flows.

Large wild brown trout (up to 5lb) are sometimes caught by coarse anglers particularly when dead baiting for pike. These must be returned unharmed.

Access to the beat requires a 10 minute walk and the river banks are roughly grazed by stock. A car park is provided on the river side of the sharp bend at Torhousekie steading.

As per best practice where salmon and pike co-exist you must return alive all pike over 5lb but please kill smaller jack pike to protect young migrating salmon.

No overnight fishing is permitted.

As across Scotland, the use of live fish as bait (i.e. live baiting) is strictly illegal.

Most of the larger pike are caught using ledgered bead baits particularly mackerel.

Spinning with pike plugs and fly fishing can also be very rewarding. Worm and maggot fishing works well for roach and perch near the lilies.

Please book your fishing online.

Costs are £10 per day per angler.

This fishery is open all year round.

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