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Fishery conditions

Fish catch and release all day.

If you dispatch two fish on any water you must leave that water however you may fish any of trhe other waters on the ticket in the same day upon the same rules.

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Galloway conditions

Fishing Regulations

Anglers should be aware of the legal requirements in place before they book fishing. Each River in Galloway has its own set of regulations set by the river's District Salmon Fishery Board and its fisheries. Legislation requires that all anglers have written permission to fish for salmon and sea trout anywhere in Scotland.

Under the Conservation of Salmon (Scotland) Regulations 2016, the conservation status of the Galloway rivers is accessed on a yearly basis. For the 2018 fishing season Galloway's rivers are graded as follows:

Grade 1: River Cree

Grade 2: Water of Luce and Urr Water

Grade 3: River Bladnoch SAC, Water of Fleet and River Dee (Kirkcudbrightshire).

Rivers which are grade 3 are mandatory catch and release and all salmon must be returned unharmed to the river. For grade 1 and 2 rivers please see beats and District Salmon Fishery Board (DSFB) regulations for conservation measures currently in place.

District Salmon Fishery Board regulations

Each District Salmon Fishery Board (DSFB) has its own set of regulations. Below is a set of regulations for all Galloway Rivers. However, please read the regulations for the Urr DSFB, Water of Luce DSFB, Water of Fleet DSFB, River Dee (Kirkcudbrightshire) DSFB and River Bladnoch DSFB at: this page. For the River Cree DSFB please see this page.

1. It is illegal to sell rod caught salmon and sea trout

2. No Sunday Fishing

3. No angler fishing for salmon, sea trout or trout may fish with more than one rod at any one time

4. No set lines

5. No prawn, shrimp or live bait fishing. No ledgering or gaffing. No fishing by net, hook or other illegal instruments, including snatching.

6. Any American signal crayfish caught accidentally must be killed immediately and left on site as required by Scottish legislation.

7. All fry, parr, smolts, kelts, foul hooked and coloured fish caught must be returned unharmed immediately.

8. The killing of any gravid salmon is ILLEGAL and the water bailiffs duty includes strict enforcement of this law

9. Fishing permits must be carried at all times whilst on the river

10. You must show your permit when asked by any watchers or other authorised persons and allow inspection of your tackle and fish

11. All rods must make a return of fish caught at the end of each day/week to the owner (even if this is a nil return) and should include any fish involved in catch and release.

12. You must do everything you can to help prevent poaching and illegal fishing

13. Dogs are not allowed except by express permission of both the landowner and the fishing proprietor

14. People are requested to leave NO LITTER. Lengths of nylon or equivalent are to be discarded as this is a danger to wildlife

15. Anglers must ensure that they do not cause damage to property, fences, dykes etc and always leave gates as found.

16. No permit holder shall, in the event of a pool already being occupied, fish that pool in front of the angler already in possession and must go behind them and the angler in front shall move on one step with every cast. Members and permit holders are expected to fish in a courteous manner at all times.

17. In all Scottish Rivers, all salmon caught before the 1st April must be returned carefully to the river even if the fish is badly bleeding.

18. In the interest of conservation, the catch and release of migratory salmonids is encouraged throughout the season. In rivers which are grade 3, catch and release is mandatory.

Fishing on the Lower Cree

Fishery conditions

Individual owners may also have their own individual conditions, such as the hours that fishing is allowed on that beat, provision of ghillies (if any) and what fishing methods you can use.

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