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Upper Water of Luce, near New Luce


Almost 3.5 miles double bank fishing (divided into 3 beats)
The only fishery offering day lets on the mid River Luce (the rest of the river is syndicated)
5 year average: 77 salmon and grilse and 44 sea trout
Maximum rods: 4 rods available per day (spread over 2 beats)
N.B fly fishing only
Prices: £30 April-August and £60 August- October per rod per day.(minimum booking two rods/day during September & October).


From the private waters of the River Luce, three miles of salmon and sea trout fishing are now available for daily lets. The water is divided into three beats with a maximum of two rods per beat. The River Luce is strictly fly only.

The River Luce is renowned for its healthy salmon and sea trout population. It is run by Stair Estates and until recently has been entirely syndicated but some of the best water is now available. Good catches of salmon are regularly made when conditions are good and sea trout are found throughout the river from July onwards for those who wish to fish at night. The largest sea trout in recent years has been 5.5lb but in 1998 a sea trout of 18lb 4oz was caught! Salmon average 8-10lb but fish nearing 20lb have been caught.

Beat 1 begins at New Luce at the junction of the Crosswater of Luce and the main River Luce. From here the beat descends for a mile with five named pools. Beat 2 continues downstream offering a number of nice secluded pools. Beat 3 is the longest of the beats, which includes a further five named pools.

Anglers are allocated two beats on the day of fishing (selected depending on fishing conditions). Each beat can accommodate up to 2 rods and beats are rotated at midday.

The Luce is a spate river and thus fishes best for salmon after a rise of water. Sea trout are caught in good numbers and these can be fished for even during low water at night. This beat provides excellent holding water and holds a good number of fish from July onwards. It can be seen from the catch records that the most productive months are September and October.

The River Luce is a designated river for 100% catch and release of salmon under the Conservation of Salmon (Scotland) Regulations 2016.
This is a mandatory requirement under Scottish Government Legislation and will be enforced. All beats are limited to five sea trout per week. All sea trout under 1lb and over 5 lb should be returned. To assist in the hatchery programme on the river, rods may be provided with a keep net to hold any hen salmon caught near the season end in October.

Banksides are well maintained and access is straightforward. Good car parking is available near to all beats

The estate office will arrange for anglers to be met on arrival and provide advice on where to fish and best techniques. Please use the online booking facility to arrange fishing.

Fishing Methods
This water is strictly fly only (as is the whole River Luce). There is a lot of good fly water both in the named pools and the runs in between. Most of the river can be fished with a single-handed rod, except in high water. The recommended salmon flies being Ally Shrimp and Silver Doctor. For sea trout the Ke-He and any surface lure are favoured.

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