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(Last updated: Tuesday 18th December)

All rivers in Galloway are closed to game fishing.

Beat catches reported
(week ending 16th February)
SALMON & GRILSE: None reported
SEA TROUT: None reported
TROUT: None reported

Fishing at Beat 1, Luce” title=
Thanks to Darrel Dyler who sent this image - 30lb Cock Salmon caught on beat 1 on the River Luce on a Red France's on 27/09/16

Fishing at Linloskin
Upon a rise on the week of the 22nd August, Mrs Botham landed this fish of around 7 lb at Rogers on Mochrum Park, Bladnoch

Fishing at Linloskin
Jonny Haley returns a nice salmon at the 40 footer on Mochrum Park, River Bladnoch towards the end of July

Fishing at Linloskin
Sea trout fishing has been good this season, particularly for the River Luce which reported a 9.5 lb fish on Stair Estates in mid-August. The picture shows a 2 lb sea trout caught on the Urr by Hamish Leslie on the 22nd August.

Fishing at Linloskin
Jamie Hyslop with his fourth fish of the season – a fresh 9 lb salmon returned at Linloskin on the Cree in May

Fishing at Linloskin
The Newton Stewart Angling Association water is amongst the best on the River Cree. This picture was taken at the Ghyll back in June

Season review

It was a slow start to the season. Up to the end of March, the only spring salmon landed were two caught on the Clugston Beat (Bladnoch). Kelt numbers were also low, presumably the high river flows through the winter had aided these fish to return to the sea. A 3lb sea trout was reported at the end of March from Dalbeattie AA.

The first salmon caught on the Cree was an 8lb springer from the Newton Stewart Angling Association beat on the 7th April. Kirwaugh recorded a single fish in week 2. During the week of the 16th to 21st April, four salmon of 7 to 9lbs in weight were caught, from lower Cree beats and the first fish of the season for Mochrum Park.

Throughout May and up to mid-June there was very little rainfall and increasing water temperatures. Two salmon were recorded on the lower Cree at Machermore and Linloskin. Early June, river levels were really low and combined with high water temperatures, discouraged salmon entering the rivers or any salmon fishing taking place. In mid-June a small spate was recorded on all the Galloway rivers which resulted in five salmon being caught on the lower Cree beats over a few days. Mochrum Park was to record the only other salmon caught in June.

By July, the rivers were on their knees, broken only at the very end of the month with a nice rise that produced 17 salmon, mostly for the Cree.

Good conditions continued into August. Across the first week, Newton Stewart Angling Association recorded 15 salmon and other Cree, Bladnoch and Urr beats, the odd fish. 11 sea trout, including a lovely 6 lb fish, were also among catches on the NSAA beat. During this time, the middle river beats benefitted also, before conditions quickly tailed off as low water returned. Catches improved again by Saturday 18th, when 15 salmon and grilse were recorded on the Minnoch (nine of which fell to one angler!). Newton Stewart Angling Association also recorded four fish on this day. Catches were well spread throughout the rivers the following week, with 10 for the NSAA beat, three for Dalbeattie AA, three for Galloway Estates (up to 12 lb), four for Mochrum Park (for Geoff and Georgie Botham who had landed six salmon during their visit) and a single salmon for Linloskin, Machermore and Kirkcowan Angling Club. The final week of the month produced 17 salmon for the Cree (mostly across NSAA water and Galloway Estates), two salmon for the Bladnoch and a single fish on the Dalbeattie AA water of the lower Urr.