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Last week

(Last updated: Wednesday 8th July)

Good water at the very start of the week produced catches on the Cree including a cracking 17lb salmon for the Newton Stewart Angling Association water. Up-river, Linloskin also faired better this week, reporting two salmon on Wednesday, the largest of 8 lbs. Water levels dropped away as the week progressed but there were further catches recorded on the Newton Stewart Angling Association water and these included some lovely sea trout, including a notable 4 pounder (the largest recorded on the website so far this season). All in all, fortunes were not bad this week considering the short-lived spate of Monday and in total, 5 salmon and 6 sea trout made up returns, all from the lower Cree.

Beat catches reported
(week ending 25th July)
SALMON & GRILSE: Mochrum Park 3, Newton Stewart AA 11, Machermore 3, Linloskin 2, Galloway Estate 3.
Total: 22 Largest: Newton Stewart AA & Machermore 12lbs
SEA TROUT: Newton Stewart AA 12, Linloskin 4.
Total: 16 Largest: Newton Stewart AA 4lbs
TROUT: None reported

Fishing at Linloskin
Peter Woodfield caught this lovely 15 lb Cree spring salmon at Learies, Galloway Estates water on 29th May. The fish was safely returned

Fishing at Linloskin
Georgie Botham holds a 12lb springer from Nutbank, Mochrum Park on the River Bladnoch on Thursday 28th May. The fish was safely returned

Fishing at Linloskin
A cracking 12lb fish from the Brewery pool on the Newton Stewart Angling association beat. The Fish was caught by local angler Roddy Crosbie on a tube fly this morning and was safely returned after photo was taken.

Fishing at Linloskin
this 9 pounder came from Glentrool Estates water on the Minnoch.

Fishing at Linloskin
A lovely fresh 10 lb salmon caught by Neil Crickmere on Monday 13th April upon Beat 1 of Glentrool Estates

Fishing at Linloskin
"The first Cree springer to be reported to the website was caught on 10th March by Jonny Haley beneath the A75 road bridge, weighing around 9 lb. The fish was safely returned"

Season review

Following a terrific 7ft spate, Jonny Haley caught and safely returned this year's first Cree salmon (a 9lb springer), beneath the A75 road bridge (Machermore beat) on Tuesday 10th March. Jamie Hyslop added a further 9lb salmon to the Cree catch on the 18th March at Linloskin.

By April, another nice lift in water at the very start of the month brought fresh fish to Galloway Estates on the Cree and the first reported springer to the River Bladnoch - caught and released at Barhoise falls by Graeme Parks. River levels fell away quickly as longer and warmer spring days commenced but with cold, showery weather (even some snow) returning across the weekend of the 11th April, catches were not far away and three salmon were recorded on a small rise on Monday 13th April - including the first springer for the Minnoch (tributary of the Cree) and two salmon from within Newton Stewart Angling Association water and Galloway Estates water. River levels dropped from herein and it was not until Wednesday 29th April that a good rise provided some sport. On this day, Richard Bellamy recorded a small salmon on the Minnoch - his first April catch since 1965!

By May, more regular small freshets appeared to spur fish on and Colin Richardson landed his first springers on the Bladnoch - of 10 and 11 lbs in weight across the 6th/7th May. At the same time, Jock Rennie reported an 8lb springer at Barhoise Dam, upper Bladnoch. A good spate across the weekend of the 9th May produced a couple of really good fishing days on the 11th and 12th May when 6 salmon were recorded - mostly from the lower Cree (including a cracking 12 lb fish on NSAA water) - but also one for Mochrum Park at Crannas on the Bladnoch. Mr Watson added a 9lb fish to Mochrum Park totals on Friday 15th May. By Tuesday 19th May, another flush of good water through the systems brought fish to anglers on the Cree and the Minnoch at Glentrool Estates reported four springers, bringing the season total to 19 salmon for this productive Cree tributary. The Bladnoch also faired well during this week and three salmon of between 7lbs and 9lbs were reported from Mochrum Park landed by Alex Keachie, Euan Keachie and Malcolm Adkin. Newton Stewart Angling Association recorded a salmon of 10 lbs on Wednesday 20th. Regular showers kept conditions favourable, particularly towards the end of the week beginning 25th May and ten salmon were reported to the website - four from Mochrum Park on the Bladnoch (including Georgie Botham's 12 lb springer) and six from the lower Cree (including the largest fish of season so far of 15 lbs from Galloway Estates).