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Last week

(Last updated: Monday 21st July)

Three catches were made this week amongst a number of sightings of fish in the lower river. Of the catches reported, two came from Linloskin, including an 11 lb salmon on Wednesday. This brings Linloskin catches to four salmon for the season. For Machermore on the lower Cree, a 6 lb grilse was caught and released on Wednesday. This week provided better conditions to fish, but for the River Bladnoch, there was little change in river height.

On Saturday, light drizzle throughout the morning turned to heavy rain from around 3pm and this held on into the evening. For the Cree catchment, this brought a good spate down on Sunday, which registered in Newton Stewart above the 4 foot marker - the highest reading for the river since early May.

Beat catches reported
(week ending 19th July)
SALMON & GRILSE: Machermore 1, Linloskin 2.
Total: 3 Largest: Linloskin 11lbs
SEA TROUT: None reported
TROUT: None reported

Fishing in Galloway
Jonny Haley returns the first Bladnoch springer of 2014 at Mochrum Park on Monday 17th February, weighing 9lbs. Scale readings have shown this fish was a repeat spawner from 2012

Fishing at Linloskin
Alec Miskimmon caught his "fish of a lifetime" – a cock salmon of 16 lbs - at the Market pool, Mochrum Park, on Saturday 12th October,returned.

Fishing at Linloskin
Visiting angler Richard Williams landed this 6lb grilse on the fly on Galloway Estates water of the Cree during good water on the week of 9th September

Fishing at Linloskin
Also fishing the Galloway Estate water on the Cree during the week of the 9th September, was Peter Dennis, who landed this fresh salmon of 7 lbs

Fishing at Linloskin
Ken Hanks 16th Aug 8lb Beat 1 Clugston on the River Bladnoch.

Fishing at Linloskin
Ken Hanks banked this beautiful 11 lb salmon at Beat 5 of Clugston Estate water on the River Bladnoch, 20th May

Fishing at Linloskin
Peter Stafford returns a spring salmon to Barclye on Galloway Estates water of the Cree at the end of May 2013

Fishing at Linloskin
Dr Paul Nightingale releases a fine 16 lb Bladnoch springer at Nut Bank on Mochrum Park, Monday 20th May.

Fishing at Linloskin
There are some wonderful large salmon showing this week. Jonny Haley returned this 14lb hen to Kirwaugh on the River Bladnoch on Thursday 23rd May

Fishing at Linloskin
There are also some cracking brown trout showing. This beauty was caught and released on Galloway Estates water by Peter Stafford at the start of May

Fishing at Linloskin
There have been some lovely fish caught on the Cree this week and last. This spring salmon weighing 8 lbs was returned to the Boat Pool on Machermore by Mr Dyer on Friday 17th May, four days after landing his first ever salmon on the River Bladnoch which coincided with his 60th Birthday’.

Fishing at Linloskin
Mr Phillip Dyer 60th birthday Monday 13th May is a day he will never forget, he caught and returned his first ever salmon 10lb on Ash Tree pool, Mochrum Park Beat of the River Bladnoch. Phillip then went on to land and return another Spring salmon, this time from Boat Pool on the Machermore stretch of the River Cree which was approximately 8lb this was caught on a single handed fly rod

Fishing at Linloskin
Jamie Hyslop returning his first spring salmon of the year at Linloskin on the lower Cree, Wednesday the 27th of March

Season review

The 2013 season was dissapointing in Galloway, as it was elsewhere on the Solway Rivers and across most of the country.

For the River Bladnoch, the 2013 season began very slowly with the first spring fish not reported until the 10th April on the lower Bladnoch. Things did improve in May and during the week of the 20th, a couple of cracking 14-16 lb salmon were landed middle and lower river. Clugston Estate finally recorded their first catch of the season on the 20th May. Some nice 9lb salmon emerged the following week but overall, spring catches were very poor this year.
Catches were sparse during the summer months – but the arrival of the first grilse by the end of June improved hopes. However, very low water and high temperatures throughout July scuppered any chances of landing a fresh fish and no catches were reported during the month. Thankfully, rain returned in August and fresh fish began to gather in the tidal areas – beginning on the 1st with a 10 lb salmon caught at Kirwaugh. Catches improved again around the 13th and for the final two weeks of August. During September, conditions were the best so far this season. From mid-month, the Bladnoch was fishing fairly well (always not quite getting the rise of the Cree) and 14 salmon were recorded on Clugston. The final week produced four salmon, including a nice 14 lb from Clugston. In October, early month catches included a 16 lb hen salmon at Mochrum Park on the 12th. Conditions improved again for the final two weeks and a reasonable head of fish were caught on Clugston and Mochrum Park waters.

For the River Luce, the river was on its bones for much of the June/July sea trout run and although a lot of fishing effort was put in on the lower beats of the main river, the sea trout catch was disappointing with only 25 sea trout recorded during the season. Most sea trout catches came from the Cross Water of Luce from August onwards. Salmon trickled into the river from June but there was no sport for these until better flows in August. In fact, the bulk of salmon catches were made during the week of the 16th September this season – when 37 salmon were recorded – including the largest salmon this season of 20 lbs. The tail end of the season saw the river in perfect condition but very few fish. Overall, catches this season were very disappointing to say the least with a noticeable lack of late running salmon.

For the River Cree, when rain eventually arrived in August, the fish did not appear in their expected numbers with one beat recording a salmon and grilse catch of less than half that of 2012. On a brighter note, sea trout numbers were felt to have been on the increase. On Glentrool Estates water of the Minnoch, returns of 61 salmon and grilse were made during the season which again, is almost half of catches made in 2012 but similar to the 2011 season returns.

On the Urr, the Dalbeattie Angling Association reported a dissappointing season with a rod catch of only 62 salmon and grilse - 64% lower than the 5 year average for this beat on the lower river. The August/September catches were significantly higher than the October/November - a finding starkly different to recent years in which late season returns have made up a much larger proportion of the annual catch. November returns were particularly poor with only four salmon landed.