Prospects for coming week

(Last updated: Thursday 11th September)

We are experiencing an indian summer here in Galloway. This fine dry weather is forecast to last into the weekend and the rivers are at summer low flows. Air temperature has reached about 23 degrees celcius over the last two days but river temperatures are fairing better, staying cooler given the crisp, clear nights.

August and September have been terribly disappointing this year. The fish counter on the Kirkcudbrightshire Dee has recorded the lowest summer salmon counts in seven years. The Minnoch would usually be fishing very well in it's final few weeks but it is very low at present so needs some water. However, it is stunningly beautiful and worth a look in, even just for a wander on the banksides to prepare for a visit next season? Glentrool Estates close their beats at the end of September.

In low water, it may be worth concentrating on trout or coarse fishing? On the Bladnoch, various beats hold good shoals of perch and pike - try Torhouskie, Dalreagle or Barness. Galloway Estates covers a beautiful stretch of the middle Cree and larger trout can be caught in low water. There are of course an array of still waters if you prefer, including the Three Lochs and Clugston Loch near Kirkcowan and many hill lochs which Newton Stewart and District Angling Association manage.

If conditions improve for salmon fishing, there are only a few weeks of the season left. On the Cree, rods are available online for the Newton Stewart Angling Association water in Newton Stewart. Up river, Linloskin offer rods for £25/day which can be purchased by contacting the proprietor Jamie Hyslop. Fishing on Galloway Estates can be purchased this season in three day blocks from £20 rod/day. The above beats will close mid October. Tickets can be purchased for Beat 1 of the Glentrool Estates water on the Minnoch (Borgan to Roman Bridge) by contacting Neil Skelton via the Glentrool Estates page - only until the end of September.

On the Bladnoch, fishing is available through Mochrum Park (Kirwaugh, High and Low Barness, Mochrum Park water), Torhouskie, Clugston and Dalreagle. On the Luce, Stair Estates offer some terrific water downstream of New Luce where the Cross Water and Main Water of Luce meet. On the Fleet, Murray Usher Foundation are letting their fishing again this season. On the Dee, look out for Argrennan Estate Fishery - new for this season. This stretch of water lies at the very bottom of the Kirkcudbrightshire Dee and can be very rewarding during the right flows (depending on The Galloway Hydro operations). Most Dee salmon enter this beat during July, August and October. On the Urr, the Dalbeattie Angling Association offer fishing within a beautiful stretch of the lower river - well worth a look when river levels improve.

Fishing at Linloskin
Phil Burgess takes an early evening cast upon the magnificent Linloskin Pool on the lower Cree, having already landed a beautiful 12 lb hen salmon earlier in the day on September 14th 2011.

Fishing at Linloskin
Against the backdrop of Larg and Lamachan Hills, Steve Morris fishes the wonderfully diverse winding Water of Minnoch upon Beat 2 of Glentrool Estates, September 2011.

Fishing at Linloskin
Colin Richardson fishes the fly at the meetings, just below the junction where the Tarff water meets the River Bladnoch on Clugston Estate Beat 1 .

Fishing at Linloskin
In high water upon the Newton Stewart Angling Association beat of the Cree. This section, known as the Ragg Run can be one of the most productive parts of the beat and is easily accessible, lying just upstream of the A75 road bridge.

Fishing at Linloskin
The Dalbeattie Angling Association upper beat on the River Urr becomes particularly productive from August onwards. On this day towards the end of August 2011, a short walk down the beat saw us witness a magnificent fresh 16 lb cock salmon and 3 grilse being caught and released on the water, which is open right up until the end of November.

Fishing at Linloskin
When Earlstoun Power Station generators are being switched off, this section of the Kirkcudbrightshire Dee just below Ken Bridge can be quite productive for New Galloway Angling Association with brown trout and the occasional salmon caught.

Fishing at Linloskin
An angler fishes at the very top of Beat 1 on the Double Water daily-let section of Stair Estates, where the Cross and Main waters of Luce meet. This three and a half mile stretch of river is very productive up until the end of July for sea trout and thereafter, salmon and grilse.

Weather information

In a sport where success can be directly related to the particular weather and water conditions, accurate information, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is invaluable. By regularly checking our links to the sites listed below anglers can be well informed on how the week's weather pattern is developing.