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Kirkcowan, Bladnoch and Tarf rivers


Kirkcowan Angling Club offers visiting anglers access to 10 miles of River Bladnoch and Tarf Water fishing near Kirkcowan. Tickets £5 to £20/day available from the Post Office in Kirkcowan.


Formed in 2016 with support from the Kirkcowan Community Development Trust Kilgallioch Fund, the Kirkcowan Angling Club offers its member's affordable salmon and trout fishing upon 10 miles of water on the River Bladnoch and Tarf Water, near the village of Kirkcowan.

The fishing is essentially for club members, who must reside in the Parish of Kirkcowan, but two tickets are available daily for visiting anglers. If fishing with a club member, a guest day ticket costs £5 whilst ordinary day tickets cost £20.

The club has extensive waters on both the rivers Bladnoch and Tarf upstream of the confluence of the two rivers. On the Bladnoch: fishing is permitted on the right bank from upstream of the old A75 road bridge to the junction with the Black Burn and downstream of the A75 from Barhoise Dam to the junction with the Tarf Water. Left bank fishing is available downstream of the Black Burn to a point approximately 1/2 mile above the old A75 road bridge. On the Tarf Water: the club fishing covers the right bank upstream from the junction with the River Bladnoch to under the A75 at Barlae and beyond to the tree line.

There is over 10 miles of river in total but not all parts are suitable for fishing and care should be taken in those areas where the banks are overgrown or soft under foot.
There is good fishing for trout and depending on the river conditions, these spate rivers can be very good for salmon from July onwards. During the 2016 season, 25 salmon were caught on Kirkcowan Angling Club water from early July to late October. Parts of the Bladnoch also hold pike which have been known to grow to over 20lbs.

The Club rules are those recommended by the River Bladnoch District Salmon Fishery Board. Within the Salmon Conservation Regulations for 2017, the River Bladnoch has been categorised as grade 2 for the 2017 season.
Please make enquiries at the Post Office in Kirkcowan to obtain a day ticket for the Kirkcowan Angling Club waters.

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