Clugston Estate


Lower, Middle Bladnoch & Tarf Water


The Clugston Fishery has six beats available on the River Bladnoch.

Essentially the fishery is operated as a syndicate water with only 2 rods being let to visiting anglers.
A limited number of syndicate rods are available for the 2017 season

Two day permits are available for this water. Daily lets are priced at £20 rod/day up to the 1st June and £30 rod/day thereafter.
No online booking.

Please make enquiries using the contact details below.


Historically, this water is acknowledged as the most productive on the Bladnoch system.
The season begins on February 11 and occasionally Spring Salmon are caught. A few early summer Salmon are recorded each season but generally it is the months of August, September and October that account for the lions share of the systems total catch.

There are 31 named pools on the Clugston Estate Fishery.

For the 2017 season, the conservation status of the River Bladnoch has been assessed by Marine Scotland Science as grade 2 and as such, new restrictions have been introduced to the River Rules by the Bladnoch District Salmon Fishery Board on the taking of fish. No fish can be taken before the 1st June and from then, only cock fish under 8 lb. There is also a limit on the number of cock fish that can be taken. Full details can be obtained from the contact below.

Scotland/Galloway Beat

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This fishery is not able to display catches here, so please use the contact details below for further information

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