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Last updated: Tuesday 21st February

Buittle Reservoir Dalbeattie.
Fishing Report 23rd August 2014
BUITTLE RESERVOIR IS CURRENTLY CLOSED TO ALL FISHING latest reports and updates on reopening will be posted on the face book page this page
Thanks for your cooperation.

The quality of the fish is as always first-class, many thanks to our long-term stocking partner, Ae Fishery of Parkgate, Dumfries.

Good news - the prices for visitors to fish the reservoir are unchanged this year! A day ticket is only £20.00, and an evening ticket (from 1800 onwards) is £14.00. Anglers may keep a maximum of 3 fish per day, or 2 fish per evening, but in both cases there is a weekly limit of 6 fish for anyone fishing on more than one day in a week. Anglers are welcome to carry on fishing once a limit has been reached, but must practise (safe) Catch and Release thereafter.

Not so good news - At the very end of the 2013 season we made the shocking discovery of North American Signal Crayfish in Buittle Reservoir. Trapping undertaken through the close season has shown this to be a small infestation - although less than 20 crayfish have been caught, all were adult, and several were female, so we have to conclude that this is a breeding population. We are working in close collaboration with Scottish Water, Galloway Fisheries Trust, the Urr District Fisheries Board and SEPA to assess the best options to help us try to control this outbreak, and most importantly, to try to prevent the crayfish reaching the main river.

Trapping will resume shortly, and we would ask all anglers to respect and avoid the trapping zones, which will be clearly signed - also to follow the guidelines and advice in terms of what to do if you find a crayfish, steps to prevent spread etc. Information in these respects will be displayed at the reservoir. The main thing for anglers is to keep eyes open and report any sightings - dead or alive - to the angling association. Crayfish will not affect the actual fishing, at least not in the short-medium term, but it's the prevention of spread that we are really focused on at the moment.

Once a daily and/or weekly limit has been reached, anglers are allowed to fish on, but must carefully unhook and release all fish - we strongly recommend the use of barbless hooks under these conditions.
All Brown Trout and Tiger Trout must be released.

We also have 2 boats that can be hired. These can be hired from McCowan's shop in Dalbeattie.

We believe that our prices continue to represent excellent value - particularly an Evening Ticket, although these are not available online, and must be purchased at McCowan's in either Dalbeattie or Castle Douglas.

Last plea!! Please help to keep the reservoir and its lovely surroundings as nature intended, by TAKING ALL YOUR LITTER HOME!!! It never ceases to astound how some people will spend time and effort stuffing their litter into holes in the dykes (reasonable risk of the offender getting bitten by an adder by so doing (we live in hope!), when for half the effort, they could so easily just put the litter into their bags and TAKE IT HOME!!

We warmly welcome all visitors to our beautiful reservoir, and if you haven't been before, come and try, you'll be in for a treat!

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