Buittle Reservoir


2 miles north-west of Dalbeattie


Loch fishing for stocked rainbow trout, plus indigenous brown trout from bank & boat (depending on water levels)
Season: 1st April to 30th September
Method: Fly fishing only

Maximum Rods: There is currently no limit on the number of rods allowed to fish the Reservoir, which is normally lightly fished. There are 3 Adult Day Visitor tickets available for online booking, each day throughout the season, at a cost of £20 per rod per day.

'Paper' tickets will continue to be available through McCowans in Dalbeattie and Castle Douglas (see below). Half-day and junior tickets are also for sale from McCowans.

Catch Limits: Limit of 3 fish per rod, thereafter catch and release.

Dalbeattie AA also has salmon, sea trout and brown trout fishing on 3.5 miles of the Lower River Urr: Dalbeattie AA


12 acre spring fed reservoir with exceptional water quality stocked (approx. monthly) with high quality rainbow trout of 1.5lb to 3lb, plus occasionally with some browns/blues/golden trout. The reservoir also contains a small head of indigenous brown trout often of a noteworthy size.

A great deal of the charm of this fishery comes from its peaceful and natural setting, and although it can accommodate parties of up to 20 anglers, it is exceedingly rare to find yourself within a practised 'double haul' of your next angling companion and not unusual on a weekday to have the place to yourself.

Most of the usual flies work well at Buittle although lures can lose efficacy a week or so after one of the regular stockings, then the clever angler switches to imitative patterns. The water clarity and abundance of natural fly life seems to enable the trout to make an easy switch to 'naturals'. Fishing is allowed until one hour after dusk and this is often a time for the dry fly to be most effective, with small dries and 'Sedges' or later in the year 'Daddies' all having their day. Although a day at the reservoir can be enjoyed productively with a floating line a switch to an intermediate can result in a change of fortune - for those who prefer to fish 'deep and slow', a sinking line fished off the dam may produce a 'trophy' fish!

The reservoir is well signposted from the A745 Dalbeattie to Castle Douglas road, at Buittle, with adequate parking at the roadside overlooking the water.

Fishing from the bank is easy and there is plenty of scope, with only two areas are inaccessible because of trees. There are boats available, at a small additional charge, although their use is dependent on the water level, which can fluctuate (the reservoir is not part of the public water supply, but remains in Scottish Water's ownership pro tem., and SW has the right to maintain the level at its preferred height through manipulation of sluice valves).

In addition to the fishing, the reservoir and its environs is a haven for birds, flora and fauna - always something interesting to see!

You can see a map of the beat by clicking here.

Dalbeattie AA also has salmon, sea trout and brown trout fishing on 3.5 miles of the Lower River Urr: Dalbeattie AA

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