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Approx. 6 miles of double bank fishing rights, though only about 2.6miles of it is fished. Price £30 p/d. Strictly 100% catch and release. Permits run 1st Feb - 31st Aug. Children must be accompanied.


Stirling Council owns one of the last remaining local authority owned salmon fisheries in Scotland, it is arguably one of the best value for money fisheries in the Scotland with fishing on the River Teith and River Forth. The beat on the River Forth is situated in the heart of Scotland 5minutes from Stirling City Centre. Stirling it's self is situated approx. 1h from Edinburgh, 40minutes from Glasgow and 50minutes from Perth. There is around 6miles of double bank fishing, of this 6 miles there is around 2.5miles that is very more prominently fished. There is some fantastic fly fishing water on offer. There is also some pools which are more suited to spinning so we really do have something to suit everyone. There really is something special about fishing the River Forth and having the Wallace Monument, Stirling Castle and Stirling Old Town all in view!
Fish start their migration through the Forth from early season to make their way to the River Teith, however fish don't generally start getting caught on the River Forth till around April every year, after this we can see fish landed every week till the end of the season. If the water conditions are right the Forth can offer some fantastic spring sport during the months of April and May. As the spring fish start to finish their runs we can expect to see our summer fish starting to appear through the months of June and July, our grilse usually appear in numbers during the months of July and August where they can provide excellent sport for participating anglers. The River Forth is renowned for its big runs of big back end fish during the months of September and October and in 2010 while we were up there as one of the best beats in Scotland we also had over 60 fish caught in one day in the September of that year. This goes to show the quality of fishing that is on offer. Fishing during September and October is only available to season permit holders.
The best chance of picking up a fishing on the Forth during the months Feb тАУ Mar is by spinning. The water is generally cold and the fish are running hard to make their journey up the River Teith. If water conditions allow fly fishing is also an option a 14ft rod will cover all conditions, sinking lines and tube flies would be the tackle of choice to get your fly down to the running fish. During the months of April and May fly fishing can be the more popular choice. As water levels drop and temperatures warm up the fish start to slow down and hold up more on the Forth at Stirling. In most conditions during these months full floating lines with sink tips will work fine, tube flies are still a popular choice with anglers at this time of year and the common patterns like Willie Gunns and the favourite spring colours yellow and black, Flies in sizes 6 or 8's can also prove effective in lower water conditions. As water temperatures warm up and water levels drop we draw into the summer months and the arrival of the grilse. The River Forth at Stirling is not overly deep so these little bars of silver can be seen to be very active. Good sport can be had during this time on single handed rods and small flies and plastic tubes, the newish switch rods have become very popular with anglers during these months. It can prove very effective on bright days to fish very small flies and this can provide red letter days for some participating anglers. As we draw back into the end of the season and into the months of September and October spinning becomes a preferred option again, if fly fishing is your game them a 14ft rod will cover all conditions. Tube flies like snealdas and patterns along the lines of a red francis prove effective at this time of year. Flies like ally shrimps and cascades can be a favourite for Forth anglers.

This beat on the River Forth is mostly tidal meaning that if you hook a fish there is every chance it is going to be dripping in lice and a bar of silver! Anglers on the Forth at Stirling also get first shot at the new arrivals every day before they make their migration upstream. The Stirling Council beat provides the first holding pool on this Forth/Teith system.

Stirling Council Fisheries 6 year average:
Salmon 672
Sea Trout 202
Stirling Council Fisheries 5 year average
Salmon 500
Sea Trout 180

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