Stirling Council Fisheries conditions

FishPal conditions

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Fishery conditions

A Few Regulations that require attention

For other than coarse or sea fishing, rods must be hand held and not propped on a stick or rod rest for that would be a set
line, which is illegal in Scotland. Only one rod may be used for each fishing permit paid for. On waters under a Protection
Order it is an offence to fish without paying for a permit. Fishing for or taking salmon and sea trout is prohibited on Sunday.

Safety Regulations

Before going to fish in isolated lochs or rivers, always tell someone responsible your intended
route and projected time of return.

While boat fishing always wear a properly fitting life jacket or buoyancy aid.

Do not stand up or move about in the boat while fishing.

Code of Conduct

Please consider others and observe the angler's code of conduct

fish upstream of other fishing anglers
wait your turn to fish a pool from its head
remove your old line, cans bottles and all litter from the river bank
stay about 15m from the next angler and 30m when they or you are using a fly
respect the property, access and privacy of people who live on or by the fishery.
Compulsory catch and release.

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