Prospects for coming week -

(Last updated: Friday 16th February)

The prospects for the coming week (19th) are good for the river Teith with rain forecasted throughout the week. We had our first springer caught on Thursday 15th February and anglers are reporting seeing fish moving through the beat.

We are hoping that with the forecasted rain showers it lifts the water levels and also the water temperatures.

The best tactics are going to be:
Fly Fishing - tube flies fished deep and slow off of fast sinking tips:
Spinning - lures like toby salmos fished slow and deep or devon minnows in the colours green/yellow or blue/silver.

Weather information

In a sport where success can be directly related to the particular weather and water conditions, accurate information, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is invaluable. By regularly checking our links to the sites listed below anglers can be well informed on how the week's weather pattern is developing.

BBC Weather
Rain Today (rain map)
Sat 24 (cloud map)
XC Weather (wind map)