East Lothian Tyne conditions

FishPal conditions

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Fishery conditions

The ELAA supports the Recommended Code of Practice issued by the Forth District Salmon Fishery Board.
You are required by law to complete the migratory catch record on the card provided with your permit. To receive a voucher for £5 off your 2015 season ticket, send your catch return card (Freepost) to the Association by 7th November 2014. Access rights to fish the river at Herdmanston Mains (FDSFB code TY27) have not been granted for the 2014 season and therefore this stretch of the river is not covered by the ELAA permit. During 2013 the riparian owner had a number of problems with cars blocking the farm road which has led to the removal of the fishing rights. Anglers are reminded to park responsibly when accessing all parts of the river.
Do not take more than 4 brown trout in one day. (Catch and release preferred above West Mill Weir Haddington, but if you must take fish, then 2 fish maximum in this area please)
All trout under 20cms (8ins) to be released.
Do not block farm entrances at any time.
No spinning or spinning reels, no use of floats
No treble hooks.
Fly rods and reels only - rod to be kept in hand.
Sunday fishing is allowed for brown trout, except where specified on the map.
No fires to be lit.
No fishing between markers at weirs and natural falls.
The ELAA supports and encourages catch and release of all wild fish.
The Committee reserves the right to refuse the sale of a permit to anyone.

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