Where To Fish For Trout

River fishing

The season for brown trout runs from mid-March to the beginning of October. The whole river system has a plentiful stock of wild brown trout and in the early Spring when the March Browns and Olives start to hatch, these canny wild trout become keen takers of the natural imitation. April and May are the prime Spring months and as the water warms by the middle of the day, a hatch will materialize and the water often boils with activity as these hungry fish come on the feed.

Geddes fishery is very close to the river Findhorn.

Geddes Fishery

Loch fishing

To the south of Forres lies the stunning Lochindorb. It is one of the most picturesque lochs in the Findhorn area.

On the island in the middle of the loch one can see the remains of the castle of Alexander Stewart, the Wolf of Badenoch, who was the fourth son of King Robert II and was granted the Lordship of Badenoch, and with it the castle, in 1371. He went on a rampage and burnt the town of Forres. A few weeks later, he did the same to Elgin, destroying the town's beautiful cathedral and mansions belonging to the canons and chaplains.

The remains of the Wolf of Badenoch's lair

The wild brown trout of Lochindorb may not grow to any great size but there are lots of them and they take freely.
Fed by burns from the surrounding moors, Lochindorb is peaty and somewhat acidic.