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Last week

(Last updated: Tuesday 19th May)

Lethen Report w/e 16th May 2015:-

The week started with high water which eventually started to fall back to offer some really wonderful fishing conditions and a good run of fish. The total score the week was 18 fish (with at least 10 lost). Martin Dingermans was top rod with 6 fish on the Daltra beat.

The Dunearn beat saw the return of James Keyser and his party. The week for them started with a few misfortunes, 4 lost fish including a big one that Ed Keyser had on for over an hour in the March Stream but he opened the scoring on Tuesday with an 8 pounder from Polnachesse. Further successes were recorded on Wednesday when Peter Keyser was seen with an enormous smile on his face after catching a 22 pounder in Gaffers. Son Charlie followed this up by catching a 9 pounder in the Garden pool. Thursday saw another father and son scoring, this time James with an 8 pounder in the Garden pool and Nick with a 9½ from Barclays Bank (now a bigger pool created by Bertha last August). Then Charlie scored again with an 8 pounder in Rowlands (another improvement by Bertha). For reasons unknown Friday and Saturday failed to produce a score so the week's total remained at 6 fish for the beat.

Ken Sutton and Martin Dingermans were back on Daltra but didn't meet with success until Wednesday when the bottom end of the Island pool was fishing well and gave Martin a 16 pounder and Ken a 14 pounder. Then in the evening Martin scored with a 10 pounder in the Laird's pool and had an encounter with another fish. On Friday they both scored, Ken with a 10 pounder in the Laird's pool and Martin with a 12 pounder in the Loop. Martin rounded off the week with three fish, 8, 10 & 15 pounders, all in the Loop on Saturday. He reported that he lost 6 fish during the week but he was very pleased with the 6 fish that did make it to the net bringing the final score for the beat to 8 fish for the week.

Day lets on the Altnahara beat started to get going midweek. Paul Kelly and Jack Christison had another day to remember with 3 fish. Jack caught a 9 pounder from the Altnahara pool (much improved by Bertha last August) and Paul caught a very fresh 10 pounder in the Deadman's pool followed by a 12 pounder in the Lower Sawpit pool and lost a slightly larger fish after a 10 minute tussle. For them this season is more than making up for some disappointing outings during 2014.

On Friday and Saturday Malcolm Macrae was taking his 2 days on Altnahara following a successful bid in a GWCT auction. Right at the end of the second day and literally taking his last cast he caught an 8 pounder in the Deadman's pool.

So ended an excellent week with 18 fish (all safely released). We haven't had a mid May week like that for over 10 years. Prospects for the week ahead look promising with what seems to be a good run of fish about. It won't be very warm but there should be some rain in the upper catchment area to keep the water level up at good medium height but it may go higher than that at times.
E Brodie

Week on Levrattich and Daltra beats at Glenferness last week:

Neil Polley's group had a successful week on Levrattich and Daltra beats at Glenferness. After a slow start in some challenging fishing conditions (mainly due to the volume of water in the river which made a number of pools unfishable initially), the week ended on a high note with three fish landed on Saturday, including one lovely fresh fish of about 15lbs from the tail of Dalnashaugh, safely returned. It seemed that the rise in water level on Friday night brought a fresh batch of fish into the river which was good to see. Ant Shewell saw most of the action in the week, with 2 fish landed and 2 lost, including one big one that broke him in Rock pool. It was also obvious that Bertha and the winter floods had left their mark, not only on the river banks but more significantly with major changes to the lay of rocks and pebbles in many of the holding pools. Of especial note was the disappearance of a huge rock in the run out of Middle Strennoch – one wonders where this might have ended up? But the highlight of the week was a first Findhorn salmon for Richard Winstanley, caught on Saturday evening on Daltra to an Ally Shrimp – well done Richard!

Thanks to Neil Polley

River Nairn
The river had a decent rise at the start of the week, but dropped away, until by the end of the week it was near summer level. I missed out Brian Macrae who had an 8 lb salmon the previous week. Tuesday saw 2 cracking 12 lb salmon caught by Ron Cameron and Ali Mackellar who released his. Gordon Rennie had 2 lb sea trout. Wednesday and Sandy Wallace on his holidays, had an 8 lb salmon and Peter Wall a lovely 4 lb sea trout he released. Thursday saw Sandy Wallace score again with a sea liced 13 lb salmon on his purple shrimp fly. He also got an 8 lb salmon on saturday in spite of the awful weather. More rain is forecast all next week, so conditions should be good.

C Black

Beat catches reported
(week ending 16th May)
SALMON & GRILSE: Logie and Relugas 4, Glenferness 5, Lethen 18, Nairn Angling Association 5.
Total: 32 Largest: Lethen 22lbs
SEA TROUT: Nairn Angling Association 2.
Total: 2 Largest: Nairn Angling Association 4lbs
TROUT: None reported

What a week for Martin Dingemans. A six fish haul and one of his salmon from Lethen. 15lb on an Ally. Congratulations and thanks for the Photo

This big cock fish was hooked and released on a Cascade Snaelda tube fly and weighed around 22lbs. It was caught in Palamore Island pool on Altyre Estate by regular fishing client, Keith Clarke from Guernsey. Keith and his wife Ros were up fishing with Ian Neale on Altyre Estate in early April. Needless to say they really enjoyed their trip and what a great way to start their fishing season on the River Findhorn.

Gordon Rennie fishing the River Nairn with three fish caught on 13 and 14th April, this a stunning 8lbr from the river.

A cracking Spring salmon (measuring 39") hooked and released from Palamore Pool, Altyre Estate in April 2014

Another big Spring fish of around 20lbs from the Roan Pool on Altyre Estate in March 2014

Season review

Ian Neale reports Week ending 9 May :-

Altyre Estate enjoyed some excellent sport with decent river levels and conditions throughout much of the week. There were some good runs of fish moving through every day including some larger multi sea winter salmon putting in an appearance.

Jan Materek got the week off to a good start on Monday morning with a sea liced 12lb salmon from the Garden pool on the Lower beat. The fish was hooked and released on a 1” Kinermony Killer plastic tube of his own tying.
On Tuesday, Alison Alston hooked and released two sea liced salmon of around 14lbs and 16lbs, from Soldiers Hole and Palamore pools. She also caught a lovely sea trout of around 4lbs from the Soldiers Hole.

On Wednesday Robin Birkbeck hooked and released a salmon of around 9lbs and a sea trout of around 3lbs from Palamore. He also caught another sea liced fish of around 8lbs on Thursday, also from Palamore pool on the Upper beat.

On Friday morning Olly Alston hooked and released another cracking sea liced fish of around 17lbs from Palamore pool. Alison Alston hooked another salmon of around 8lbs from Soldiers Hole and another sea trout of around 4lbs from Palamore.

Finally on Saturday, Jamie Clifton-Brown caught the fish of the week, a cracking sea liced fish of around 20lbs from the Roehillock pool on the Upper beat. James Grant caught a sea trout of around 4lbs from Roan pool on the Lower beat. All in all, a great week and really encouraging to see so many of the bigger Spring fish moving into the river system.

Julie Balgonie tells me that up on Glenferness Estate the Alexander Fell party caught 4 salmon from the Altnahara and Daltra beats. Paul Tregunno and Andrew Higgins caught 5 fish between them from Levrattich beat, with a best of 18lbs. Birger Bredenbrucher from Germany caught an 8lb fish from Mini Daltra on Friday.

Ewen Brodie Lethen report for w/e 9th May 2015:-

This was a quieter week than expected. Water conditions were on the high side for the first half of the week but later on dropped to a very good medium height.

Water temperatures were on the cooler side between 38 and 42F but should now warm up a little.

There were only two rods out on Dunearn, Brian Emery and Andy Lowther. Andy caught a couple of 8 pounders in Green Bank but otherwise there wasn't much activity.

John lost a couple of fish and had contact with another one, otherwise it was a quiet week for them.

The Altnahara beat was only fished on a spasmodic basis.

There has been some encouraging news in that Glenferness had a better week with 7 fish. Altyre were also catching fish everyday of the week and that is a good omen, as those fish will soon be up with us especially if the water warms up.

The week ahead could begin warm and then turn cooler. It looks as if there will be some rain in the upper catchment area early on followed by a couple of dry days before rain returns towards the end of the week.

River Nairn Charles Black.

The river was low until Wednesday when it rose a foot after heavy rain. Charlie Walker started off the week with a 3 lb sea trout he returned.
Wednesday saw Sandy Wallace with an 11 lb salmon on spinner, and John MacDougall had a cracking 4 lb sea trout on fly. Thursday and Billy Milne had his 1st salmon of the year, a sea liced 7 lb salmon and Ali Stuart a 10 lb salmon both on fly.
Brian Macrae had a 4 lb sea trout on the same day.
Friday saw Charlie Walker again score with a heavily sea liced 10 lb salmon on his Willie Gunn. Saturday and the river was down but Charlie Black managed to catch a salmon of 9 lbs.

Catches reported to us were:

SALMON & GRILSE:xx Total: 0
SEA TROUT:xx Total: 0

SALMON & GRILSE: Darnaway 18, Nairn Angling Association 1. Total: 19
SEA TROUT:xx Total: 0

SALMON & GRILSE: Altyre 7, Darnaway 31, Logie and Relugas 1, Glenferness 1, Lethen 5, Nairn Angling Association 12. Total: 57
SEA TROUT: Nairn Angling Association 4. Total: 4