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Last week

(Last updated: Monday 22nd May)

Weekly Update as follows. Ian Neale reports from Altyre Estate:

The week commencing May 15th started off very dry and bright with few anglers venturing out on Altyre. Plenty of fish were seen in all the likely spots, but there were no takers.

Saturday saw heavy rain all day and with it were running fish in the morning. We connected with three fish, two in St. John's Pool and one in the tail of Garden, they all threw the hook after a spirited battle. One of which was at the net, disappointing, but encouraging for the potential sport next week. With a lift in water and rising tides it looks very promising.

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Lethen Fishing report for w/e 20th May

No doubt a very tough week for all and there is no denying that the river is suffering a bit with this very low water, and unfortunately seeing a large number of dead & dying fish. In spite of this fresh fish continue to run and some are taking the fly.

Keyser Party on Dunearn had some success on Thursday with a 12lb plus fish safely released by John Church in the Bridge Pool caught on a yellow dolly. On Thursday morning Edward Keyser lost a lovely fish just below the Lower Falls.
In these difficult conditions it seems that places like the Bridge pool and the lower falls are coming into play apart from the other deeper pools with good white throats like the top of Morgan's Haugh and Lady Mary's. Below the bridge the throat of the March Stream is an option.

In Dulsie Cottage the team of Ken Sutton and son-in-law Martin Dingermans started the week well on Tuesday with a 14lb fish from Jean's Cast. There was more success on Friday a 16lb fish in White stream. There were also a couple of lost fish in Jeans Cast and White Stream.
There are still options on Daltra in these very low conditions. The Lairds and Jean's cast are fishable as will be the top of the Maharajah, as well as Daltra, Whin Pool, Dalnashaugh and White Stream.

The day lets had no success, but there was plenty of fish sighted in Black Pool, Englishman's and Deadman's and the Upper and Lower Sawpit.

All parties confirmed that the holding pools are full of fish but they were not inclined to take in the very low and bright conditions.

There was sporadic rain through the week that had little impact on river height. There was more rain Friday night and steadily all day Saturday. The Shenachie gauge on Sunday morning was showing 6in falling and by mid morning on Sunday the rhino droppings were just covered. This is a good medium to low height. It will drop off more but this little freshen-up might just stir things up and get the fish in a taking mood.

The Nairn report for w/e 20th May

On the Nairn Low water prevailed once again all week and the river is at its lowest for many years now. We had heavy rain all day on Saturday and the river rose 3 inches but is falling away already. Jake Stevens went out on Saturday night and managed to catch a 3 lb sea trout in Town Water but plenty sea trout have been seen in the estuary, and they will have run on Saturday night in the fresh water so next week could be very good.

Later in the day saw Andrew McInnes join the action with a 7 lb. fish from St John's Pool in the evening. We felt that the fish were taking up residence in the pools and not as keen to take the fly and this was how the rest of the week was shaped. There were salmon in the likely spots, but not keen on taking a fly. The River is desperately needing water now to freshen itself up and get the fish moving again.

Beat catches reported
(week ending 20th May)
SALMON & GRILSE: Logie and Relugas 2, Glenferness 1, Lethen 3, Drynachan 1.
Total: 7 Largest: Drynachan 18lbs
SEA TROUT: Nairn Angling Assoc 1.
Total: 1 Largest: Nairn Angling Assoc 3lbs
TROUT: None reported

Tom Brown and Leslie Tyson, looking very pleased with the first fish of the season of around 8lbs, from Altyre Estate.

Barry Stables with the first salmon of the season of around 21lbs from Thompson's Pool, Sluie beat.

Season review

A Full 2016 season river report will be available in due course.

Catches reported to us were:

SALMON & GRILSE: Darnaway 3. Total: 3
SEA TROUT:xx Total: 0

SALMON & GRILSE: Altyre 10, Darnaway 18, Nairn Angling Assoc 5. Total: 33
SEA TROUT:xx Total: 0

SALMON & GRILSE: Altyre 5, Darnaway 22, Lower Dounduff 1, Logie and Relugas 6, Glenferness 6, Lethen 20, Drynachan 2, Nairn Angling Assoc 1. Total: 63
SEA TROUT: Altyre 2, Nairn Angling Assoc 2. Total: 4