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Last week

(Last updated: Monday 22nd August)

Ian Neale reports from Altyre Estate for week ending August 20th as follows :
Well you have to give credit to those good old boys at the Met office, they certainly know how to forecast a heat wave when it's coming, most probably a little better than their predictions of rainfall!
River levels at the beginning of the week were at a reasonable fishing height on the lower river. As the heat set in and daily air temperatures soared to 26 degrees C. levels fell away quickly and the fishing conditions became much tougher. On Friday evening we saw some reasonably heavy rain falling which gave the river a small rise by Saturday afternoon, but it was really a little too late by then to be of any good.
On Monday Lukasz Materek hooked and released a sea liced grilse of around 5lbs and a sea trout of 2lbs from the Roan pool on the Lower beat. One of our regular rods, Oliver Greaves was back on Altyre with his young son Edward aged 13 and daughter Charlotte aged 11 years. This was their first time introduction to the world of salmon fishing and I was delighted when Edward managed to hook and release his first salmon on a small Yellow Ally. It was a cracking little sea liced grilse of around 3lbs caught in the tail of Palamore pool on the upper beat. Apart from a few other tentative tweaks and pulls there no other fish to report. On an encouraging note it was very good to see so many fresh fish running each day in most pools, including one or two larger fish. However, by and large they were simply not interested in taking the fly in such conditions. The river has fallen away again and we really could do with some decent rainfall to give levels a boost and get the fish back on the move and in more of a fly taking frame of mind! Ian Neale :

Lethen report for w/e 20th August 2016
We have just had the worst type of fishing conditions with severe and oppressive heat and the water dropping to a very low level. Thankfully the pattern was broken midday on Friday when temperatures dropped to more normal levels and we had some much needed rain. This resulted in the river rising a little for Saturday but although there were plenty fish showing they flatly refused everything that was offered to them from our banks of the river but it was good to see that Glenferness tempted a few to take the fly.
We had three generations of the McDowall family on the Dunearn beat along with other friends. Charles Tait managed to score on Monday with a 10 pounder in Gaffers which was his first Findhorn fish. Unfortunately that was it for the week as far as catches go in spite of early morning and late evening sessions. John McDowall reports that 3 of his grandchildren have become competent fishers after a week of guidance with Bill Cottle so watch this space next year!
Stuart Fell and Stewart Bagg were on the Daltra/ Mini Daltra beat. Stuart got off to a flying start early on Monday morning with two fish, one at 5 lbs and the other at 10 lbs but then the heat set in. They persevered and Stuart caught a 4 lbs grilse on Thursday evening. They kept up their efforts until the light faded on Saturday evening and that was when something had a go at a small fly that Stuart had stripped across the current but it didn't take hold.
The Hahn family party gave the Altnahara beat their very best but when extreme heat sets in on this beat with all the rocks and boulders in the gorge it soon becomes a roasting oven. They often found themselves stumbling back up the paths after darkness following an evening's outing. It was a very frustrating week when there was never any shortage of fish showing.

River Nairn
The week suffered with a lack of rain, and levels continued to drop to very low. 10 fish were caught during the week, even in the low water, but the forecast for the week ahead does not look good as very little rain is forecast, if any. All of the fish caught were small grilse from 2 lbs to 4 lbs which is quite worrying as a lack of feeding in the sea seems to be the main problem.
Monday and 4 were caught by Sandy Ord (2), Billy Milne and Dave Carson. Tuesday and Eddie Wallace and Gordon Rennie had 1 each. Wednesday and Gordon Rennie had a small grilse. Thursday saw Davie Campbell with a small grilse and David Wilson and Gordon Rennie completed the week on Friday with a grilse each. Most of these fish were released. Willie Gunn, Cascade and Allys are all recommended, with a Monkey or Sun Ray worth a shot as well, but smaller fly sizes should be used in the low water, with a small hitch fly also worth a try in the streams.

Beat catches reported
(week ending 20th August)
SALMON & GRILSE: Altyre 2, Darnaway 6, Lower Dounduff 1, Logie and Relugas 2, Glenferness 7, Lethen 4, Nairn Angling Assoc 10.
Total: 32 Largest: Darnaway 12lbs
SEA TROUT: Altyre 1.
Total: 1 Largest: Altyre 2lbs
TROUT: None reported

Peter James looking extremely pleased with this deep Spring salmon of around 17 lbs from the Roehillock pool on Altyre Estate in April 2016.

Season review

2015 Season

A Full report will appear soon.

Catches reported to us were:

SALMON & GRILSE: Altyre 1, Darnaway 1. Total: 2
SEA TROUT:xx Total: 0

SALMON & GRILSE: Altyre 6, Darnaway 17, Nairn Angling Assoc 3. Total: 26
SEA TROUT: Darnaway 2. Total: 2

SALMON & GRILSE: Altyre 35, Darnaway 78, Logie and Relugas 6, Glenferness 1, Lethen 3, Nairn Angling Assoc 6. Total: 129
SEA TROUT: Altyre 1, Darnaway 1. Total: 2

SALMON & GRILSE: Altyre 8, Darnaway 48, Logie and Relugas 18, Glenferness 18, Lethen 39, Drynachan 33, Nairn Angling Assoc 7. Total: 171
SEA TROUT: Altyre 2, Glenferness 1. Total: 3

SALMON & GRILSE: Altyre 11, Darnaway 24, Logie and Relugas 16, Glenferness 40, Lethen 67, Drynachan 68, Nairn Angling Assoc 7. Total: 233
SEA TROUT: Altyre 1, Darnaway 3, Logie and Relugas 1, Lethen 1, Nairn Angling Assoc 12. Total: 18

SALMON & GRILSE: Altyre 18, Darnaway 52, Lower Dounduff 12, Logie and Relugas 26, Glenferness 60, Lethen 93, Drynachan 43, Nairn Angling Assoc 26. Total: 330
SEA TROUT: Altyre 3, Darnaway 3, Glenferness 2, Lethen 1, Nairn Angling Assoc 3. Total: 12