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Last week

(Last updated: Monday 26th September)

Ian Neale reports from Altyre Estate for week ending September 24th as follows :
River levels continued to fall away throughout the week and fishing conditions became a little harder for anglers each day. However, there still seemed to fish running and some of these were really quite fresh. Dan Gazzard fishing the Findhorn for the first time, briefly hooked and lost a fish in the St. John's pool on Monday afternoon. Iain MacDonald also had a brief encounter with a fish in the Ashen tree pool on Wednesday!
David Tisdale was finally rewarded with a reasonably fresh fish of around 12lbs hooked and released in the Roan pool on Friday morning. The successful fly was a Purple Cascade variant tied up by Leslie Tyson. Later on Saturday afternoon, Leslie Tyson himself was also rewarded with a grilse of around 5lbs, from the Roan pool.
After some fairly heavy rain falling over the catchment later on Friday, river levels were rising again by late Saturday evening. It has become a little cooler and more Autumnal, so hopefully this rise in water may get the fish on the move and make them a little keener to take the fly over the next few days.

Lethen report for w/e 24th September 2016.
Daltra and Altnahara were the beats scoring this past week. There was no full weekly party out on Daltra/Mini Daltra but we got together some rods and although it wasn't fished particularly hard for some days of the week we finished with a total of 6 fish all of them safely released. 2 to Graham Frost, 1 each to Paul Kelly and Peter Graham and coming in last but not least Ewen Brodie with a couple of fish on the hitch on Friday afternoon.
Altnahara only saw Jim Bowden out as a single rod for the first half of the week and he managed to catch and release a fish of around 6 lbs in the Black pool.

We now move into the last 5 days of the season. There has been an encouraging rise in the water level over the weekend and the general outlook is for unsettled weather, just as one would expect at this time of year.

River Nairn
The dry weather continued and the river dropped away all week. With hardly any water to fish, the only catch this week was by Thomas Lobar who went to the top beat at Clava and managed 2 grilse that were coloured and released. Fish are showing in a lot of pools but there seem to be no fresh ones about due to the low water. With little or no heavy rain in the forecast and showers predicted for the week ahead, things are pretty much at a standstill. With the season finishing on the 7th October, we dont have long to go now.

Beat catches reported
(week ending 24th September)
SALMON & GRILSE: Altyre 2, Logie and Relugas 1, Lethen 7, Nairn Angling Assoc 2.
Total: 12 Largest: Altyre 12lbs
SEA TROUT: None reported
TROUT: None reported

Peter James looking extremely pleased with this deep Spring salmon of around 17 lbs from the Roehillock pool on Altyre Estate in April 2016.

Season review

2015 Season

A Full report will appear soon.

Catches reported to us were:

SALMON & GRILSE: Altyre 1, Darnaway 1. Total: 2
SEA TROUT:xx Total: 0

SALMON & GRILSE: Altyre 6, Darnaway 17, Nairn Angling Assoc 3. Total: 26
SEA TROUT: Darnaway 2. Total: 2

SALMON & GRILSE: Altyre 35, Darnaway 78, Logie and Relugas 6, Glenferness 1, Lethen 3, Nairn Angling Assoc 6. Total: 129
SEA TROUT: Altyre 1, Darnaway 1. Total: 2

SALMON & GRILSE: Altyre 8, Darnaway 48, Logie and Relugas 18, Glenferness 18, Lethen 39, Banchor 11, Drynachan 33, Nairn Angling Assoc 7. Total: 182
SEA TROUT: Altyre 2, Glenferness 1. Total: 3

SALMON & GRILSE: Altyre 11, Darnaway 24, Logie and Relugas 16, Glenferness 40, Lethen 67, Banchor 3, Drynachan 68, Nairn Angling Assoc 7. Total: 236
SEA TROUT: Altyre 1, Darnaway 3, Logie and Relugas 1, Lethen 1, Nairn Angling Assoc 12. Total: 18

SALMON & GRILSE: Altyre 18, Darnaway 52, Lower Dounduff 12, Logie and Relugas 26, Glenferness 60, Lethen 92, Banchor 8, Drynachan 43, Nairn Angling Assoc 26. Total: 337
SEA TROUT: Altyre 3, Darnaway 3, Glenferness 2, Lethen 2, Nairn Angling Assoc 3. Total: 13

SALMON & GRILSE: Altyre 12, Darnaway 18, Lower Dounduff 1, Logie and Relugas 6, Glenferness 19, Lethen 56, Banchor 4, Drynachan 73, Nairn Angling Assoc 68. Total: 257
SEA TROUT: Altyre 2, Darnaway 1, Glenferness 1, Lethen 1, Nairn Angling Assoc 1. Total: 6