Lethen Latest Report

Last updated: Saturday 15th September

On Monday just before lunch there was a sharp rise of 2 feet or so that left the river high and dirty for the rest of the day. Things were still settling down on Tuesday when Gordon Rennie landed a coloured 4lb grilse on a purple dropper in the tail of the March Stream on the Dunearn Beat. Charlotte Blackledge also had success on Tuesday with a 6.5 pounder from the Boat Pool on the Altnahara Beat, on a silver stoats tail. Adrian Ormerod was out on Dunearn Tuesday evening and he had a double success in Morgan's Haugh. At around 6.30pm he landed a 12lb cock fish on a size 6 cascade and he followed this with a 16lb cock fish on the same fly at 7.15pm. The river level seems to be holding a bit better this week with slight rises each morning.

On Wednesday there was more success on the Dunearn Beat when Dave Carson caught a coloured grilse of around 5lb in the tail of Morgan's Haugh on a gold body Willie Gunn double size 8 and later that afternoon Charlie Black had a 10lb salmon in the neck of Nettle Hole on a Red Flamethrower double size 8. Then in the evening Adrian Ormerod caught and safely released a 12lb cock fish in the tail of Morgan's Haugh on a size 8 Cascade at 6.45pm and lost another one. On the Daltra Beat the Blackledge party were unlucky not to score but report losing a couple of fish in the tail of the Loop Pool.

Dave Carson returned to the tail of Morgan's Haugh on Thursday and he was soon into a good fish. This time it was a well coloured cock salmon of around 17lbs on a red flamethrower size 8. It put up a good fight and swam off strongly when released. On Mini Daltra Stephen Blackledge caught a 6lb fish in the tail of the Loop and daughter Charlotte landed a 9lb salmon in Laird's.

There was more success for the Blackledges on Daltra on Friday with a 5lb grilse in the tail of the Loop. Peter McKinney had a great day on Dunearn on Friday. He started mid morning with a couple fish from the tail of Morgan's Haugh, the first 8lb and the second just under 12lbs. He also lost another biggish fish probably closer to 20lb. Then in the afternoon at 5pm he landed a 17lb salmon from the tail of Lady Mary's. All the fish were released in good condition and the successful fly was a size 8 cascade.

Paul Kelly and Jack Christison finished the week strongly on the Dunearn Beat. Jack started the ball rolling with a 7lb salmon in the tail of Lady Mary's and he followed this with a 5lb fish in the Green Bank. Paul then had a 5lber in the March Stream and then another 5lber in Morgan's Haugh. Jack finished the day off nicely with a 15lb cock fish at the head of Morgan's Haugh. They also lost a few and had some other serious contacts and with more luck it could have easily been a double figure day. All the fish were on full floating line bar one on a short sink tip. Size 6/8 bright shrimp patterns were the flavour of the day.

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