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Last updated: Sunday 17th June

Nothing to report at the start of the week. We did however receive a positive report from Paul Kelly who was fishing the Altnahara Beat which makes for rather nice and even encouraging reading:

"I'm afraid we don't have any catches to report from today but as you'll know the fish are a bit stiff at the moment. We did have a number of offers of interest but they just wouldn't commit. It was a very pleasant day weather wise and although low water Altnahara still has plenty of good fishing. The gorge pools all had fish in varying numbers and sizes. During a visit to one of the pools this afternoon we witnessed rows of fish, many of them very fresh but not keen. It was a joy just to watch them in their glory jostling for the best lies, it was quite a sight. I'm sure somebody will hit the jackpot when we get a rise of some kind! Similarly they had some offers on Daltra but no solid connection, however, enjoying their fishing and the solitude".

We did get some rain in the middle of the week and river rose about a foot Thursday evening but then dropping off again quickly. It was enough to freshen things up a little and Nick Jeffrey reported a very exciting end to the week on the Dunearn Beat. There were plenty of near misses and a blank week was eventually avoided when Justin Jeffrey landed and released a 10lb salmon on a hitch fly from the Falls pool in low and rising water on Saturday afternoon. It was his first Findhorn fish and an amazing catch in the falls.

Jack Christison also had success on Altnahara on Saturday when he landed a very fresh 4lb grilse from the tail of the chair, on a small orange pot belly pig. Jack confirmed the water level was definitely up a few inches from the start of the week and that there was no shortage of of fish showing in most pools, some of them bars of silver but all very reluctant to take.

Steady rain on Saturday meant another rise of about 10" early Sunday morning that should hopefully freshen things up a little for the start of the week. It should be a bit cooler this week with more rain forecast for Wednesday.

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