Helmsdale, Dornoch, Inverness


Without doubt one of the most productive salmon rivers in the whole of Scotland, those lucky enough to fish the River Helmsdale will have a chance of hooking a fish from the opening day of the season on the 11th January right through until the river closes on 30th September.

The beat is ghillied, but is limited at the early part of the season. (Ie.Two days during the week)


A fly-fishing river only, the Helmsdale is 21 miles long and divided into twelve beats (six above Kildonan Falls and six below) which are shared between Suisgill Estate and five other neighbouring estates, plus a 1.5 mile stretch of Association Water near the village of Helmsdale.

The 12 beats are fished on a rotational basis, with two rods and one upper beat and one lower beat allocated to each estate per day.

Over the course of a week, this means that, by taking Suisgill rods, you get to fish nearly the whole of the river.

Suisgill fishing is only let by the week and with accommodation.

Details on the cottage and the lodge can be found here

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For further Information about the beat, and the accomodation please contact Tom Carter
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