Prospects for coming week

(Last updated: Tuesday 5th June)

Rain and a cooling needed. The rain at the weekend did not turn to much. The day Temperature on Saturday at Kinnaber was 25 Celcuis by 10am and got hotter by lunchtime. This week does not offer much in the way of rain, but does forecast a much cooler week and night temps down to single figures.

Reports of fish running though the Logie counter at night, might/could suggest seatrout trickling in. All the rivers in the area really are in need of rain and so are the hills and peat bogs!!

Ideally wait for rain, of fish first thing and in the evening. Small flies and trout flies would be in order. Heads of the pools will be the main target area, and keep a distance off from edge of the pools if you can.

Speak with your ghillie or local tackle shop for the best fly patterns and tackle options for your fishing trip.

Do please email me or call 01573 470612.

North Esk in upper Glen Esk

Weather Information

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