Fishing Regulations

Anglers should be aware of the legal requirements before you book fishing. There are river regulations and conservation codes and also individual beat and booking agency conditions to consider. Fundamental legislation requires anglers to have written permission to fish for salmon and sea trout.

River regulations and conservation codes

The use of shrimps and prawns are banned throughout the district.

The season extends from the 16th February until 31st October.

As of January 2016 it is a criminal offence to retain a salmon or grilse prior to 30 april. By law any salmon or grilse that is killed before this date must be returned to the River.

After this date Catch and release is voluntary but recommended for both salmon and sea trout to the 15th June.

Esk Board's Recommendations for the Conservation of Spring Salmon and Sea Trout in 2018 are as follows:

Fishing methods
*The Esk Board recommends the use of barbless hooks to promote the safe return of salmon and sea trout. To refrian from the use of treble hooks. In addition anglers are respectfully reminded that fish destined for release should not be taken out of the water for photography. The length can be estimated by using the rod as a measuring stick and the weight estimated from standard weight/length relationships

North Esk Cat1
*The Esk Board operates a policy of voluntary Catch-and-release which is important to protect all salmon stocks and sea trout

South Esk Cat2
*The Esk Board operates a policy of voluntary Catch-and-release which is important to protect all salmon stocks and sea trout

* Insists that all tackle which has been used abroad is disinfected to prevent the accidental introduction of Gyrodactylus salaris.

Further details can be obtained from the Esk Board - please email Marshall Halliday

North Esk in Glen Esk

Beat Conditions

Individual owners will also have their own individual conditions, such as the hours that fishing is allowed on that beat, what ghillies are provided (if any) and what fishing methods you can use.

FishPal Booking Conditions

This site uses the FishPal booking engine, so if you use our online booking system, or our call centre on 01573 470612, you need to agree to FishPal's booking conditions.

You will be given another opportunity to read all these conditions before doing any online booking, where you have to indicate your agreement to them. They will also be included in the joining instructions you are given when your booking has been completed.