River Conon


2.5 miles double bank and a further 2.5 miles single (left) bank fishing.

Fished as 3 rotating 4 rod beats


The Brahan Fishings comprise 2 1/2 miles double bank fishing and a further 2 1/2 miles single (left) bank fishing on the River Conon.

The fishings are split into 3 beats, the Upper (single bank), Middle and Lower Brahan beats. Each beat is fished by four rods and each has its own full-time ghillie.

All 3 beats are fished in rotation during the week therefore each beat is fished twice in a given week.

Upper Brahan

The Upper Brahan beat is single (left) bank fishing and extends for approximately 2.5 miles The Upper Brahan Beat runs fromthe confluence with the Blackwater tributary down to a couple of hundred yards above the confluence of the Orrin tributary. The most productive pools are the Junction, Boat, Robert's and Rowans pools. The Major is fished on a half day rotation with the Lower Fairburn beat which is the opposite (right) bank.

Middle Brahan

Middle Brahan is the shortest of the 3 beats but stillextends to just over one mile in length. It is primarily a double bank beat and has vehicular access along the left bank. Lower Fairburn fishings opposite share two pools, the Aquarium and Kettle pools. the Kettle pool is fished on a half day rotation

The remainder of the fishing is from both banks, with access to the right bank being gained by boat at the Ferry pool.

The most productive pools include the Kettle, Kettle Stream, Lake, Ferry and Russian.

Lower Brahan

The Lower Brahan beat extends for almost 2 1/4 miles, starting just below the Russian pool on the Middle Brahan beat. The beat also runs both sides of Dungalss Island and the bottom limit of the beat is at the railway bridge at Conon Bridge.

Productive pools on this beat include the Rock, Wall and Sluggan, the Sluggan being consistently the top pool on the Brahan fishings.

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