Mossat Trout Fishery


Mossat, near Alford


There are 3 lochs and a stretch of a natural burn available to fish.

All lochs have a natural water supply resulting in superb water and fish quality. They are also surrounded by natural vegetation which provides a good variety of insects for the trout.

If you're lucky you might even see the returning Osprey catch its lunch during the summer months!


Catch & Release
Full day - 4 fish, then C&R £24.00
Full day - 3 fish, then C&R £20.00
5 hours - 2 fish, then C&R £15.00
5 hours - 1 fish, then C&R £12.00

Sporting tickets
Full day - release all fish£14.00
5 hours - release all fish£10.00

1 fish, then C&R £10.00
Full day - release all fish £8.00

All juniors must be accompanied by an adult

It is acceptable for juniors to share a rod


The Lochs

The Main Loch

The main loch is approximately 3 acres in size, up to 18ft deep in places and has trout ranging from 1 1/2lb - 15lb+

It is a pleasure to fish, whether beginner or expert with a variety of methods such as lures, buzzers and wet flies.

In the warm summer periods for top of the water fly fishing, dry fly proves to be highly effective, particulary in the early evening.

The Rear Loch

The rear loch is approximately 1.5 acres in size. Situated to the rear of the main loch, this proves very popular and provides a good alternative to catch some great trout. The depth of this loch is 11ft in places and contains some excellent rod-bending trout up to 10lb+.

The Beginners Loch

The small loch provides interesting sport and is a good loch for youngsters learning to fly fish to practice their technique. Trout in this loch range from 1lb up to 6lb+

Expert tuition is available for complete beginners, or to those just wishing to improve their fly fishing technique - Personal attention is guaranteed. We are always on hand to offer advice.

Species stocked

Brown Trout

Highly regarded amongst anglers as a prize catch.They are typically streamlined, with brown background colouration varying to yellow and with black, orange or red spots. Brown trout are quite cautious fish but good to catch on dry fly.

Rainbow Trout

Are the most common species of trout. Famous for it's acrobatic aerial displays and very long runs to avoid being caught. Instead of heading for cover when hooked as many other trout will do, rainbows will often leap out of the water and then continue these leaps until they are either landed or manage to break free.

Golden Rainbow Trout

Raised under artificial fish culture conditions. They can be very easily seen by the angler due to their bright golden colour. Provide fun casting as they can be targeted at when they are swimming near the surface. The lochs are regularly stocked with a variety of high quality trout ranging from 1 1/2lb - 15lb+

American Brook Trout

Distinguishing features are a big jaw and white coloured tips on their fins. They prefer to be near the bottom of the loch so often caught with lures.

Blue Trout

A mutation that occurs in hatchery production of rainbow trout produces these hard fighting trout. They have a distinct blue colour when looked at from above and tend to give a very hard fight when caught.


New fishermans log cabin

Hot drink refreshments available

Clean onsite toilet facilities

BBQ facilities can be arranged

Fishing competitions / matches can be held with prior arrangement

Well-behaved dogs on leads are welcome

Friendly tuition can be booked (per hour) - please contact us in advance

Low cost tackle available to hire & purchase - no need to book

Easy access car park, located right next to the lochs

Wheelchair friendly fishing with flat grass banking surrounding the lochs

Our new bothy and toilet block is wheelchair friendly

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