Fetternear conditions

FishPal conditions

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Fishery conditions

Although the conservation code is at present voluntary on the River Don, at Fetternear we encourage all fish to be returned up until 1st June.

'All species' tickets do not inlude the right to fish for trout outwith the statutory brown trout season (15th March - 6th October inclusive).

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Don conditions

Salmon & Sea Trout Conservation Policy

With a view to conserving and protecting the stocks of salmon and sea trout in the River Don and its tributaries, the District Salmon Fishery Board has developed the following Angling Code which is an integral part of its overall Conservation Policy.

All salmon caught before 1st June to be returned
Maximum of 1 fish per week throughout the river catchment
Maximum of 4 fish per season throughout the river catchment

Recommended that all fish over 32 inches (12lbs), whether coloured or not, are returned.

Sea Trout
Recommended that all sea trout and finnock are returned

Anglers should be encouraged to fish with a fly throughout the river catchment.

General regulations
Barbless (pinched) hooks should be used before 1st June and are recommended as standard thereafter
All coloured fish to be returned carefully to the water
All foul hooked fish to be returned
Only knotless landing nets to be used - no gaffs or tailers
Fish returned to the water should be handled carefully with wetted hands and held facing upstream until sufficiently recovered to swim free
All floy tagged fish to be returned and details of information on the tag sent to the Board (01224 790005 or 07836 645510)
No rod caught fish to be sold by Law

Baits and lures
No multiple hooks (e.g. Rapala) - maximum one treble (barbless) on the lure
No shrimp/prawn - prohibited by law
No form of live or dead bait (including worm) to be used
No spinning upstream of the Bridge of Alford
No upstream spinning anywhere
No spinning in designated fly only water
No ledgering or bubble/bob floats to be used

Disease Precautions
To help prevent an outbreak of Gyrodactylus Salaris which has had catastrophic effects on some foreign rivers, all visiting anglers who have been using their fishing tackle abroad must make sure they have sterilised all their equipment including waders, landing nets and tackle