River Management

Dee District Salmon Fishery Board

The Dee District Salmon Fishery Board is the statutory body tasked with protecting and enhancing stocks of salmon and sea trout across the district. The district encompasses River Dee and the neighbouring of the Carron and Cowie rivers.

This Board has been recognised as being at the forefront of fisheries management in Scotland with an established track record in innovative conservation and enhancement policies.

The River Dee Trust

The River Dee Trust is a community-based charitable company, set up in 1998 and tasked with the following aims and objectives:- Improving our knowledge of the ecology and associated fish stocks of the River Dee so that practical improvements can be made to the biodiversity and management of the River.

Our work is guided by the principle of how we can better understand and improve the River so that we may look after it for this and future generations. To achieve these aims the River Dee Trust must raise sufficient funds so that these works can be achieved to the highest standard. With your support we will be able to meet our aims and continue looking after the Dee and the surrounding area, for many years to come.

Culter Dam

The fish pass has opened up 76 miles of habitat in the previously inaccessible Culter burn for migratory salmon and sea trout to re-establish natural populations in.

Only the lowest one mile of burn is below the dam and so accessible to salmon and sea trout. The spawning and rearing habitat in this part of the burn is fully utilised, resulting in high juvenile fish densities. High juvenile fish densities mean lots of competition and higher mortality rates. Creating more rearing habitat for juveniles will result in lower mortality rates and so higher fish production.

Once habitat restoration work is completed in the Culter catchment we expect to see an additional 1,500 salmon returning to the Dee each year.

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