Prospects for coming week

(Last updated: Monday 16th July)

The lack of water is the missing piece of the puzzle. Overhead conditions are good and we have some decent cloud cover, which is a real help. The breeze, coming from the east today will swing west for the rest of the week.

Generally, keep the tackle light and the flies small. As I suggested over the past few weeks, small coneheads can work well in the necks of pools and where the fly doesn't have far to swing, use a fast tip to get it down quickly. Be stealthy and be sure to keep off the skyline. There are a few fresh fish coming in and chances of hooking them will be increased the more care you take.

As ever, listen to your ghillie.

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2018 Graham Ritchie with a 14lbr from Little Blackhall & Inchmarlo

2018 Nick Armstead with Cairnton's first of the season