Prospects for coming week

(Last updated: Monday 21st May)

We have persistently bright conditions ahead of us, which is only to be expected as spring moves to summer. So too, lower water- we are not quite summer levels, but its close. The breeze will be light and looks as though it will swing about. Add in water temperatures around 13c and its clearly time for the small fly and long leader. It's a delightful way to fish and many of the ghillie's love this time of year for fishing this method.

I don't mind bright conditions on the river in the mornings, but after lunch I would consider a siesta, returning to the river one the sun has gone off it. As for flies, the Silver Stoat, the Crathie, Dee Sheep and Hairy Mary in sizes 10-14 will be useful. It's also worth having a few flies with long tails as well.

I like a dropper- not everyone does, but it is certainly worth a go in my opinion. I would fish a small shrimp on the point an a smaller Silver Stoat on the dropper. Some of the guys prefer the larger fly to be the dropper -as an attractor.

As ever, listen to your ghillie.

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2018 Graham Ritchie with a 14lbr from Little Blackhall & Inchmarlo

2018 Nick Armstead with Cairnton's first of the season