Prospects for coming week

(Last updated: Monday 16th April)

The weather has warmed up significantly. Those of you reading in warmer climes may laugh, but once the air temperature is over 10C I feel like I might melt. Aboyne is forecast to as warm as 18C on Thursday, which counts as a weather warning in my book! Of course, it's all relative and having endured such a long spell of poor weather, any hint of heat is a shock to the system of anyone raised in the north of Scotland. Warmer air is more than welcome from a fishing point of view and coupled with southerly and westerly winds, it should be a pleasant week to be on the river. Water levels are in good order and we have some big tides this week.

Tackle and tactics will remain much as they have all season with floaters and fast sink tips or slow sinking lines. The Willie Gunn and Black and Yellow have been the dominant patterns so far and the Dee Monkey should really start to come into its own. As the water warms dressed size 6-8 doubles will come into play, as will a Collie or Sunray fished fast just under the surface.

As ever, listen to your ghillie.

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2018 Graham Ritchie with a 14lbr from Little Blackhall & Inchmarlo

2018 Nick Armstead with Cairnton's first of the season