Largest Fish So Far

This page only includes fish reported to us by our member beats.

If you have caught a larger fish than is listed here, please ask the beat to give us the relevant information or ring/email us.

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River areaSo far this monthlbsSo far this seasonlbs

Lower DeeLower Crathes and W Durris24Lower Crathes and W Durris (Jul)24
Middle DeeAboyne Water22Lower Blackhall and Kinneskie (Feb)28
Upper DeeCraigendinnie12Craigendinnie (Apr)22

OVERALLLower Crathes and W Durris24Lower Blackhall and Kinneskie (Feb)28

Previous Heaviest Salmon:
The biggest ever Dee fish is thought to have been 57lb caught in 1884 by Mr C Gordon, Ghillie at Ardoe & Murtle, which is mentioned in Fred Buller's Domesday Book of Giant Salmon. Trying to confirm a weight from the annals of time is of course extremely difficult. Rumour has it that it was bigger than 57 lbs.

Sea Trout

River areaSo far this monthlbsSo far this seasonlbs

Lower DeeCrathes Castle4Ardoe and Murtle (May)6
Middle DeeAboyne Water5Ballogie (May)10
Upper DeeCrathie9Crathie (Jul)9

OVERALLCrathie9Ballogie (May)10