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Pre-visit courses outside the area

If you are new to fly fishing for salmon, it is a good idea to consider taking lessons in advance of traveling to the Dee, so you can take full advantage of your fishing holiday.

SGAIC Instructors

AAPGAI Instructors

Ask your local tackle shop for suggestions or contact Ross Macdonald at

From beat ghillies

The ghillies on each beat are always happy to help their guests with casting. Of course, they have other guests and duties to attend to during the day, so their time is limited. Always check with the ghillie beforehand to see what the situation is.

Third party instruction on beat

Some anglers will wish to take a private instructor/ guide with them to provide individual support and tuition.

It is essential if you wish take an instructor/guide to your beat, to clear this with your ghillie in advance. The ghillie may be able to offer recommendations. This will also avoid any misunderstandings. If you are unsure get in touch with me

Local instructors and schools with their own water

Some instructors and schools can offer tuition on their own water, either informally on request, or as part of formal courses. These are normally run on waters at off peak times, to save on the cost of fishing, but there are some exceptions to this.

Recommended Instructors

Gary Scott

Gary Scott working with a group of novice anglers on the River Dee's Introduction to Salmon Fishing course.

Gary is recognised as one of the finest fly casters in the world today with global experience in all aspects of game angling. Double-handed Spey casting and single-handed casting can be taught to the highest standards. Contact Gary Scott

Scott Mackenzie

Scott Mackenzie is a multiple world casting champion, who is a highly regarded figure in the salmon fishing world. Scott offers individual instruction and Masterclasses in all aspects of casting, from beginners to advanced levels.

Contact Scott Mackenzie

Useful contacts

Instructors, Fishing Schools & Guides
07814 279414
William and Alastair Peake AKA Twinpeakes, are both certified casting instructors, and offer fly casting instruction on the fabled Aberdeenshire River Dee. They operate a fly fishing school teaching all aspects of single handed and double handed fly casting, with professional structured tuition to suit all levels of ability and tailored to specific requirements. The school is ideally located in Aboyne on exclusive water, where they have access to both banks and are able to comfortably teach modern casting techniques in real life situations. They have some glorious pools to learn to cast on and there is always the opportunity to fish on after a lesson to apply your new skills to catch some Atlantic Salmon.Supported by Loop Tackle Design all tackle can be provided to ensure learning with quality balanced equipment.