It is important to provide advice and information about Bio Security on this website and draw all angler's attention to potential dangers that they may bring to the River Dee without realising this. Our salmon and sea trout stocks are a very precious resource within the River Dee catchment and we must do all we can to protect them from parasitic infection and disease which may be both fatal, and extremely hazardous to our river stock component.

All anglers coming to fish the River Dee in 2014 will see enhanced bio security measures in place at all fishing beats which have had disinfection kits provided. Anglers will need to follow the beat Ghillies instructions on disinfection, which will take a very minimal period to carry completely out free of charge.

The Dee District Salmon Fisheries Board want all anglers to spray mild disinfectant on their waders and landing nets on arrival prior to fishing. This is a condition of the River Dee Conservation Code 2014 and all anglers must adhere to this condition.

Gyrodactylus salaris -If it ever got into the River Dee it would destroy our native salmon stocks. River Dee fishing beats will provide, disinfection facilities. The Gyrodactylus salaris threat is very real and we need all visitors to ask their Ghillie to disinfect their waders and landing net if they have not one with them. We cannot emphasise strongly enough the importance of this to all who visit the river and work on the river. No one can afford to be complacent, we all have a duty and responsibility to protect our precious natural resources.

The potential hazards that anglers can help prevent from gaining access to the River Dee are for example Gyrodactylus Salaris and viruses such as Infectious Salmon Anaemia, Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis, UDN, as well as bacterial infections such as Furunculosis. To avoid ingress of these bio security hazards to the river system there are disinfection facilities within Deeside that anglers can also visit away from the river, whether they are visiting from inside or outside the United Kingdom.

Important film about biosecurity

All River Dee fishing beats have been provided with equipment to disinfect waders and landing nets quickly and free of charge prior to all anglers commencing fishing. Alternatively facilities are located in the following venues where the staff will be happy to disinfect your fishing equipment and provide a receipt to show that you have had this process carried out to your fishing equipment for a nominal sum.

Aberdeen-The fishing tackle shop,Somers of Aberdeen, is located in the centre of Aberdeen just off the main shopping thoroughfare Union Street. The premises are at 13-15 Bon Accord Terrace and their telephone number to contact is (44) 1224 210008. They will be delighted to provide an efficient disinfection service for a nominal sum and are open 6 days per week Monday-Saturday for all your angling needs.

Banchory-There is an Orvis fishing store located at 2-8 Bridge St, Banchory AB31 5SX which is located very close to the bridge over the River Dee. The store is open 6 days per week for all your angling needs and will provide an efficient disinfection service for a nominal sum. They can be contacted by calling (44) 1330 824319 in the first instance.