About The Dee

The River Dee rises in the Cairngorm Mountains and flows for over 80 miles through Aberdeeshire before entering the North Sea at Aberdeen. It is one of the most attractive rivers to fish, set amidst a spectacular natural environment. It is, in Crawford Little's words, a scenic treat.

The Dee is widely known as one of the great salmon rivers of the world. Anyone who has ever cast a fly for Atlantic salmon will know the allure of our river. Today we have the privilege of welcoming anglers from all over the world who come in search of the ultimate prize: a Dee springer taken on the fly.

The character of the river makes it ideal for fly fishing . Its fast flowing , crystal clear waters are home to a succession of salmon pools that provide the angler with some of the finest fly water in Europe. As John Ashley Cooper once wrote about the Dee, 'it is hard to know what better type of water a keen fly fisherman could ask for.'

A superb shot of a salmon being released. Photo courtesy Graeme Arthur.

Our Angling Heritage

Fishing the Dee also presents anglers with an opportunity to be part of a rich angling heritage. The river and the people who have helped shape the history of the River have contributed much to the development of modern angling.

Outstanding salmon flies such as the elegant Blue Charm and the legendary Stoat's Tail are products of Deeside; these patterns are known and loved by anglers everywhere.

In the early 1920's the forerunner of modern floating line salmon fishing was invented by AHE Wood at Cairnton where his revolutionary greased line technique is one of the great developments in angling.

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AHE Wood of Cairnton, inventor of greased line fishing