Corporate fishing events

Successful corporate fishing days are about more than just a day out fishing. For clients, they can be used to forge strong relationships, broker deals and leave a lasting impression of your company. For staff incentive programs, fishing can motivate, inspire, entertain and strengthen team spirit.

Furthermore fishing has become the new golf; the Daily Telegraph reported that nowadays, most of the big business deals were being brokered on the river bank not on the golf course!

Advice on what you should consider

A successful corporate fishing event depends on many factors; here are some of the key ones to consider:

Choose a reputable company
Pick a good organiser and meet regularly at an early stage and ensure they completely understand your needs and have the imagination, organisational discipline and flair to host a memorable event. If at an early stage they don't inspire you with confidence, get someone else!

Instruction and equipment
A good organiser will provide additional ghillies (additional fishing guides with local knowledge) or qualified instructors for larger groups to ensure beginners are looked after. Quality tackle and weatherproof clothing should also be available if required.

Alternative arrangements
If bad weather stops the fishing (it can happen in Scotland!) ensure your organiser has a back up plan.

Corporate events

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Health & Safety
Health & Safety is paramount, especially as we now live in a growing litigious culture. Ensure your event organiser clarifies his liability and talk through the terms and conditions from the outset. As a rule the organisers are only liable if they have been negligent, so they should provide equipment such as self inflating life vests. Good corporate entertainment providers usually provide questionnaires to find out if any members of the party suffer from food allergies, epilepsy, diabetes etc. The organiser should also be a registered First Aider and have the appropriate food hygiene certification.

100% Satisfaction
Ensure at all costs that your guest has a fantastic day, preferably catching a fish - the type of fishing should be selected with the ability of the anglers in mind.

Attention to detail
It's the attention to detail that counts, good (hot) food and drink are important as are the little extras like competitions with prizes and video/photography of the event.