The Scottish Sea Angling Conservation Network

The Scottish Sea Angling Conservation Network (SSACN) is a Charity registered in Scotland, Reg number: SC039015.

SSACN is an independent body operationally overseen by a Steering Committee comprised of a broad spectrum of individuals interested in conservation and is run on a day to day basis by a Management Committee.

SSACN was established to lead a unified, coordinated and comprehensive approach to international, national and local conservation issues which may affect recreational sea angling in Scotland.

The 2007 Marine Environment Inquiry report by the Environment and Rural Development Committee of the Scottish Government recognised that conservation in the marine environment has historically been very low on the agenda for politicians in Scotland.

SSACN seeks to ensure that all sea anglers can effectively enjoy their sport within fisheries managed for the benefit of all and not just for a select few.

Bradley's pollack

By handling fish carefully and releasing them quickly you can help ensure fish for the future.

Sustainable fishing

Recreational sea angling is a selective, environmentally friendly and low-impact fishing activity, and is the primary coastal recreation activity in Scotland and is of great social and economic importance.

Scotland's seas offer many species that are not readily available elsewhere in the British Isles. However, the depletion of stocks through many years of inefficient and ineffective fisheries management by the EU and Scottish governments has reduced our fisheries to a shadow of their former selves and compromised the very assets which attract sea anglers to Scotland.

SSACN are campaigning for governments to take a 'Best Value' approach to stock management; that is one which recognises there is far greater potential for social and economic value if the goal of fisheries management objectives for certain species were aimed at supporting the development of the recreational sea angling sector - Many fish are worth more left ALIVE in the sea than DEAD on the fishmongers slab.

SSACN undertake desk and practical research into issues affecting the marine environment and sea angling to raise awareness and provide guidance to anglers through educational programmes.

How you can help

Fish for the Future - the SSACN 'Give Fish A Chance' (GFAC) programme helps anglers to decide whether a fish is a suitable size to take for the table and provides them with the reassurance that they are adopting an approach which is consistent with stock sustainability as they can be reasonably certain that it has had at least one chance to breed.

There are many challenges for SSACN, which needs active supporters throughout Scotland to work issues with local press, politicians and local conservation groups.

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