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Lanark Loch




A 12 acre loch next to the racecourse in Lanark.

Disabled access and toilets


Lanark Loch is a public park lake of about twelve acres next to the racecourse on the edge of Lanark. It was the first water in Scotland to receive significant stocks of "modern" mirror carp.

Several hundred were introduced in the early seventies and prospered in the succeeding years. Many Scottish carp anglers grew up with Lanark as their first serious experience of the sport, and multiple catches were the order of the day. Sadly there was a massive fish kill in the mid eighties when park staff accidentally drained most of the water,
and all but about thirty fish from the original population were lost.

The SCG has invested heavily in new stock for Lanark Loch over the last fifteen years, adding over four hundred prime mirrors and commons.

A fish of a little over 26lb was taken from Lanark in 2000. We know of several other low to mid twenties in
the water, but until 2001 they had always been from among the remaining fish of the original stock.

That year the first twenty-pound common was recorded, proving that our new stocks have come on a treat.

In recent years we have stocked with high quality fast growing fish with many of these stunning heavily scaled fish reaching double figures and with a few reaching the magic 20lb mark in only a few years!

Lanark also has tench - including some specimens in excess of 6lb - and a modest head of roach, perch and few pike.

Lanark can be productive from as early as March, with most tactics scoring. It's fairly shallow - mostly around five feet - and PVA bag rigs or "Method" feeders can be helpful to beat the dense weed that usually springs up in summer. Don't neglect the margins, particularly at night or in those parts of the loch where the path is some distance away from the bank.
Boilies of various flavours are the most popular bait, but meat can be every bit as good.Floater fishing is almost impossible much of the time thanks tothe voracious waterfowl, some of which have also become adept at mopping up beds of boilies. Baiting up╩ęs generally best carried out at dusk when they tend to be less active.

Disabled access and Toilets are available.

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