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Castle Loch


Near Lochmaben, Dumfries & Galloway


Area: just under 200 acres water
Location: Lochmaben, near Lockerbie,
Dumfries & Galloway.
Species: bream, tench, carp, roach, perch & pike.
Tickets: £8 for using 2 rods, £11 for using 3 rods, under 16 50% discount. Season tickets are available at £75.

All permits on this fishery run midnight to midnight.

Please note that the Castle Loch now operates a Wheelyboat and the boat is available for booking via the fishery managers


The loch is just under two hundred acres and set in pleasant natural surroundings in south west Scotland, near Lochmaben in Dumfries and Galloway.

The Castle Loch is the first Scottish coarse fishery to offer the services of a wheelyboat

We at Castle Loch and the P.A.A. Scotland,Barony Angling Academy have taken the lead with coaching special need clients and this will help us with our work if you have a group that would be interested in this boat please contact the fishery managers.

The Castle Loch holds the current bream record and has provided the two previous records. The average size of the Castle Loch slabs is over 7lbs and you have a good chance of a double figure specimen.

It is not just bream that make Castle Loch special as tench in excess of 10lbs (a new Scottish record) have been caught; 7lbs specimens are quite common.

There are also specimen carp with the new Scottish record being 28lb 4oz. Most of the carp are over 20lbs. It is not easy water for carp fishing but well worth the long days when you catch one.

Also reaching specimen proportions are roach and perch; together with a good head of pike to 30lb.

Fishing is by a day permit system and permits must be purchased prior to fishing. Permits are available online, from the post office in Lochmaben or from Halleaths Caravan Park. Do not start fishing without a permit as you will be asked to leave. Season permits are also available from the fishery managers.

All permits on this fishery run midnight to midnight.

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