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This fishery is located across the upper and middle stretches of the River Endrick. It is primarily a spate river, but later on in the season it hold its flow for a number of days.


Unlike our other spate river, the River Fruin, the River Endrick takes a bit longer to clear after a spate has peaked, possibly as much as 6 hours, but the water holds up that bit longer, particularly later in the season. However, in comparison with other central belt and Clyde valley rivers the Endrick can start to fish a few hours after peaking and can offer sport for a couple of days that might otherwise be lost to poor conditions elsewhere. The river can essentially be split into 3 sections:
Top section, above Fintry to Honeyholm Bridge - which will fish first after a spate. This section is narrow but has some deep holding pools and is fishable within 2/4 hours of a spate peaking.

Middle section, between Cowdenmill and Drumtain, this offers about 5 miles of fishing with plenty of variety ranging from deep holding pools to shallower runs. This section is above the Potts of Gartness and it can be exciting to know that the fish are running the Potts and that they are only a short distance from this water. The fishing immediately below Cowdenmill is more challenging with some great pools but it does involve a bit of walking and scrambling which adds to the enjoyment for some.

Bottom section, below the A81 road bridge. This includes the Craigbell Pool (Tuesday to Thursday only), the bend above the Potts (Monday to Friday only) and Barons Ford, which is the section below the small Potts. Barons Ford is normally where the first salmon and sea trout are taken on the river in the spring given water and can fish all season through. With it's open banks it is easy to fish and a small footbridge allows you access to the north bank. Access is also permitted to ticket holders to the Bisland fishings which is the stretch below where the Catter burn enters the Endrick.
Fishing is by fly only and a small 9 тАУ-10 foot aftm 7 or 8 rod will suffice, although some do fish longer rods in the more open stretches. A floating line with a sink tip is all that is really required and flies will vary in size from an 8 on larger waters to size 14's in lower flow conditions. If the river is high and peat stained a larger tube fly can also be successful.
Car parks have been established at several points along the river. Some are close by to the water such as the lane and car park at Barons Ford, others involve a walk such as the car parks to fish the Cowdenmill section. Over the last 4 years bridges, styles and access points have been built, particularly in the upper Endrick, to enhance access.

Please note there is no fishing at the Potts of Gartness. In the event that an angler is rained off the River or indeed the river is too low this ticket will enable the angler to fish the River Leven or Clyde Estuary, thus guaranteeing the angler sport no matter what.

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