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United Clyde Angling Protective Association Limited All species Fish Permit 2016 (Valid 11 Feb. to 10 Feb 2017 inclusive)
Name .................................................
United Clyde Angling Protective Association Limited
Contact UCAPA: Secretary - Tom McGregor Tel. 01501 740928
For the aims and origins of UCAPA please see our website
The purchase of a permit does not confer membership of the Association.
The attention of all anglers is drawn to the possibility of sudden dangerous fluctuations in the water level downstream from Stonebyres Power Station.
For your safety UCAPA strongly recommends the wearing of flotation aids at all times
For their own safety, under 16s should be supervised by a responsible adult.
Permit holders must report all incidents of poaching to Police Scotland on -101
Permit holders must report all incidents of pollution to

SEPA 0800 807060 and- UCAPA

The main stem of the River Clyde, from Daer Reservoir to Bothwell Bridge, is covered by a Protection Order thus it is illegal to fish for any freshwater species without a permit.
This Migratory Fish Permit is valid only on that part of the MAIN STEM of the River Clyde between Stonebyres Falls and Motherwell Bridge with the exception of certain restricted areas: Strictly NO FISHING from Stonebyres Falls to Stonebyres Bridge (both banks) - Power Station Property. Permit holders fishing out with the limits of their permits will be prosecuted.
Permits must be carried at all times and shown to UCAPA Scottish Government appointed bailiffs on request. Fishing without a permit will render you liable to prosecution.
On stretches where the Migratory Fish Permit is valid, holders of this permit can fish for Migratory and Freshwater Species in their respective seasons.
1. The season for salmon and sea trout is 11 February to 31 October, both dates inclusive.
2. The brown trout season is from 15 March to 6 October, both dates inclusive.
3. UCAPA applies a grayling season from 7 October to l4 March, both dates inclusive

4. For conservation purposes the Scottish Government has designated the Clyde as a Category 3 river. This means, by law, for the 2016 season, all salmon caught must be carefully returned to the river.
All seatrout, must be carefully returned to the river and the details completed on the catch returns form.
5. In Scotland it is illegal to fish for Salmon and Sea Trout on Sundays. Those who fish for migratory fish between midnight on Saturday and midnight on Sunday will be prosecuted.
6. Fishing for freshwater species is allowed on Sunday.
7. During the month of October, fishing for Migratory Fish will be restricted to one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset.
8. By Law, anglers fishing for freshwater fish must give way to salmon anglers.
9. UCAPA will not be held responsible for the loss or damage to any permit holder or their personal equipment.
10. Permit holders are instructed to adhere, at all times, to the Country Code and to approach the river by recognised routes only, without causing damage to property.
11. Permit holders must not be accompanied by dogs. 12. Permit holders must not light fires or leave litter.

It is a legal requirement that all Salmon and Sea Trout caught must be recorded on the Catch Return Form (issued with permit). Nil returns must also be reported. All Catch Returns must be submitted to the UCAPA no later than 20 November. Failure to submit a Catch Return by the above date may result in a penalty charge being added to future permits. Persistent offenders may be refused any further permits.
1. Anglers fishing for Migratory Species must observe the "Spinning Marks" on or adjacent to the major bridges downstream of Stonebyres Falls. There will be no spinning restrictions below the Green Pipe Bridge at Skellyton Flat.
2. Where spinning or bait fishing are permitted, such will be carried out by means of a single hand-held rod, and any weights will be consistent with the lure or bait employed.
3. The use, as bait, of natural prawns or shrimps and plastic imitations thereof will not be permitted.
4. Worm fishing for migratory fish is not allowed before 1st April and from 1st October barbless or debarbed hooks must be used.
5. All anglers must adhere to a "step a cast" when fishing through a pool Other anglers must remain at least l5 metres away from the next angler and must always await their turn to fish the pool from the head.
6. Fishing with bubble floats, or similar devices, is strictly prohibited.

7. No Permit Holder is to be in possession of a gaff, tailer or similar device.
8. Only knotless landing nets must be used.
9. Where multi hook lures (Rapala etc.) are allowed, they can be fished up to a maximum size of 9 cm for salmon.
10. All fly-fishing will be by means of a single rod only with reel, line and leader. The maximum hook size permitted is 4.
11. Lead-cored lines, lead weighted flies and wire-casts are prohibited.
All trout and grayling less than 30 cm (12 inches) in length must be carefully returned alive and unharmed to the water. Holders of permits may take up to 2 trout or grayling, in their seasons, per day. For conservation purposes UCAPA encourages catch and release.
1. Fishing with set lines, bubble floats, or similar devices, is illegal.
2. The practice of "shuffling" is prohibited.
3. All legal methods of fishing will be carried out by means
of a single hand-held rod, using only tackle suitable for
each method of fishing.
4. Only knotless mesh landing nets may be used.
5. Ground baiting is prohibited.
6. The use of fish roe, or similar paste products, is illegal at
all times.
7. Keep nets must not be used.

The catch return form must be completed, signed and submitted, along with unused tags, no later than the 20th November to the following address:
55 Caledonian Road Wishaw
Failure to submit a Catch Return by the above date may result in a penalty charge being added to future permits. Persistent offenders may be refused any further permits.

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