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(Last updated: Wednesday 8th August)

Beat catches reported
(week ending 18th August)
SALMON & GRILSE: Lower Beauly 11.
Total: 11 Largest: Lower Beauly 9lbs
SEA TROUT: Lower Beauly 10.
Total: 10 Largest: Lower Beauly 3lbs
TROUT: None reported

Season review

LATE MAY and June were a continuing struggle. The water level was restricted to compensation, save for some brief overnight rises. June featured extended periods of warm sunshine, mitigated to some extent by cool nights, but inevitably the water temperature was unusually high for early summer.
Catches on the Lower Beauly were very much dominated by salmon. Sporadically small pods of grilse were seen running. The system's early grilse tend to be destined for the Farrar and they migrate up through the lower river in short order.

The week of May 21 (between zero and 10 in) produced eight for the Miles, Braithwaite and Carver party with three (best 16 lb in South Ferry) to Mr P Miles, three (best 13 lb in South Ferry) to Mr V Leadbetter and a brace (better 14 lb in South Ferry) to Mr S Braithwaite.

The week of May 28 (2 in max) was restricted to one – 10 lb in Stones to Ninian Sanders.
In the week of June 4 (6 in max) four were recorded with three (a brace, better 11 lb in Silver, to G Eliohe and one at 12 lb in Ferry to S Denell) for the Lovat party and a 10 lb salmon in Silver to Allan Hancock.

Six were logged in the week of June 11 (9 in max). The Chisholm, Calder, Roska, Craig and Smith party took five with three (best 12 lb in Stones) to Mr I Chisholm and one each to Mr G Calder (10 lb in Silver Run) and Mr A Smith (3 lb in Glide). T Wilson (Lovat party) netted a 9 lb salmon in the Glide.

The week of June 18 (5 in max) saw some improvement with 14 in the book. The Wright party had four – three (best 10 lb in the Glide) to Philip Odling and a grilse in the Glide to Tony Smith. The Wightman, Taylor, Sanderson and McAleer party netted three – a brace (better 8 lb in Groam) to Mr A Wightman and a grilse in the New to Mr M Taylor. FishPal rods banked seven – three (best 12 lb in New) to S Tuke, a brace (better 9 lb in the Glide) to M Wilson, one at 9 lb in Charlie's to T Waring and one at 5 lb in the Glide to T Wilson. – ANDREW GRAHAM-STEWART.